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How does an Emergency Rescue Device (ERD) in lifts save passengers from mishaps?

Urban centers are undergoing cultural shifts. More people prefer to shop in multistory shopping complexes and live in high-rise building apartments. With the widespread construction of high-risers (shopping malls, apartment complexes), the use of elevators in buildings has increased considerably. But with this, lift-related accidents have also spiked up in recent years. Power outage is […]

Haryana government takes the lead in prioritizing its public’s safety by mandating ERD (Emergency Rescue Device) in lifts

Unlike older times, the presence of high-rise buildings in cities is no longer out of the ordinary, nor is the use of lifts. But when it comes to lift-safety regulations, there are many question marks. So far, most state governments except Haryana have had a lackluster response to the issue of passenger safety in lifts. […]

LVC (Low voltage cutoff) and its significance for batteries

During regular use, batteries charge and discharge countless times. A common mistake most users make with their batteries (lead-acid or Li-ion) is overcharging and over-discharging, also known as deep discharge. Batteries are charged with the help of an inverter/UPS. The manufacturer preprograms these chargers to cut off the charging process once the battery has attained […]

Meet Awesome Women at Starship: Kaari writes code to help Starship meet its goals | by Daniel Carrillo | Starship Technologies

[ad_1] Inspired by the International Women’s Day, we recently launched a campaign in all our channels in order to truly celebrate the powerful and inspirational women here at Starship. Although we only have one specific month to celebrate the women that strive to #breakthebias, we are dedicated to amplifying women’s voices every day. Kaari is […]