Hi I’m Khushboo Sachdev I founded Su-vastika with my founder partners Chirag Chawla and Pallav Aggarwal in 2019

This is About us and here I introduce my team:  Started by three founders, me & Mr Pallav Aggarwal, the CTO and the young CA by profession, Mr Chirag Chawla. Our team is working under the mentorship of Mr Kunwer Sachdev, the founder of the brand Su-kam and known as the inverter Man of India. Mr Kunwer Sachdev is the Ex-Chairman and Managing Director of Su-kam Power Systems Ltd.
In the Picture Mr. Pallav Aggarwal, Khushboo Sachdev, Kunwer Sachdev and Chirag Chawla

The Su-vastika management Team

We are into the power storage solutions company, Su-vastika, a rapidly scaling startup preparing robust energy storage systems for a sustainable future with an expert team of professionals from various industries.
The company aims to disrupt and reform the solar energy and backup landscape. We are a Power Storage, and Power Generation Company focused on generating power through solar energy and help in finding solutions to your problems related to Power Storage. We have been filing technology patents on Energy Storage Solutions, Emergency Rescue Devices for lifts, Solar inverters, Hybrid solar Inverter/UPS, Automatic Testing Set up for the testing of lithium batteries, Solar battery inverter/UPS and PCB functional testing machines along with various related products. The Govt of India has recognised us As Star Export Househttps://suvastika.com/su-vastika-becomes-indias-first-start-up-to-get-start-explore-house-certificate/


Mr Kunwer Sachdev, Founder Su-Kam and also known by the names of ‘Inverter Man of India’ and ‘Solar Man of India’ is the mentor of our company Su-vastika https://yourstory.com/2015/08/su-kam

Mr Kunwer Sachdev has won numerous awards for his contributions to the power backup industry and is known for bringing Innovation to Inverter and Power Back up industry.

Here are some of Kunwer Sachdev’s achievements:

  • Founder of Su-Kam Power Systems, one of the leading brands in the power backup market in India.
  • He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernst & Young in 2011.
  • He is known as the Inverter Man of India and Solar Man of India for his contributions to the power and solar sectors.
  • Mentor of Su-Vastika, a new company developing innovative power storage solutions.
  • Member of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Businessman of the Year 2012 by CNBC-TV18
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur 2013 by the World Economic Forum

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev in the MEE exhibition 2023

Kunwer Sachdev | Suvastika

Mr Kunwer Sachdev with foreign dignitary

Mr Kunwer Sachdev, who is known as the Inverter man of India, has made a lot of contributions to the power backup industry have been significant. He is credited with inventing the world’s first plastic-body inverter, which has helped to make power backup more affordable and accessible. He has also pioneered the development of solar-powered power backup systems.

Mr Sachdev revolutionized the power backup market in India. He set up an R&D facility in India, a novel concept in the power backup industry. He brought MOSFET technology, Sinewave technology, Plastic inverter, High Capacity Inverter/UPS etc.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunwer_Sachdev#:~:text=Kunwer%20Sachdev%2C%20also%20known%20as%20the%20Inverter%20Man,Systems%2C%20an%20Indian%20power%20company%20founded%20in%201998.

Mr Sachdev’s work has had a positive impact on millions of people around the world. His innovations have helped to improve the reliability of power supply and make it more affordable. He is a role model for entrepreneurs and a champion of clean energy.


We are a team of dedicated professionals creating power backup and solar solutions that are green, sustainable and cost-effective

Khushboo Sachdev

Khushboo Sachdev


Khushboo holds a Masters in English Literature and a Diploma in French Language. She applied for her first job while pursuing her masters in the field of Learning & Development. It was here she realized that she enjoyed being a Trainer. She has a natural flair for training and has had a lot of experience in the area from training school students, college students and young professionals. She trained students of Sanskriti School, Birla Vidya Mandir, Sharda University.

Chirag Chawla

Chirag Chawla


Chirag is a Chartered Accountant which he cleared in 2016. He has around 10 years of experience in the field of Finance and Accounts. He started his career with Maharishi Shikhsha Sansthan where he was in involved in audits, processes, and control setup of 170 schools run by the foundation. He has also spent valuable time in Tata International limited where he was the Team Lead for implementation of GST and Stock Audit Team.
Chirag’s forte is analytics, revenue creation and cost savings this has him involved deeply in operations at Su-vastika as well along with controlling the F&A teams. He has set up many process at Su-vastika and devised ways to track and manage personnel, inventory, FG and profits.
Chirag follows Business Gurus online to earn tips to improve his skill and manage business smarter, better and kinder.

Pallav Aggarwal

Pallav Aggarwal

Kunwer Sachdev

Kunwer Sachdev

Founder Brand Su-kam
Vinay Mukhi

Vinay Mukhi


Vinay holds a Post Graduate degree in Marketing
He has spent over 20 years in HR, Sales and Marketing. Vinay has worked in the telecom sector with companies like Airtel, Idea, Tata Teleservices, Nokia and other Staffing Companies.
He enjoys client management and ensures his client is well satisfied with the services.

At Su-vastika he manages entire HR gamut for the organization, he created a team while establishing our business as not only by associates deployed also by the technology used and services offered. Vinay guides his team and makes sure everybody feels comfortable and fully focused on delivery.

He spends his free time with his two toddler girls and enjoys socializing on weekends.

Anchal Kaul

Anchal Kaul


Anchal has a Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and International Trade. She has over 10+ years of experience in Government and Private sector in various domains like exports, imports, institutional sales, and operations.
She has worked both for and with the Government of India, having spent 6 years in Ministry of Commerce wherein she handled import & export of various commodities on behalf of Government of India and dealt with many international clients. But she left her cushioned government job to explore the private sector as she recognised that she could use her potential better here.
She has served Microtek International wherein took challenge and successfully set up Enterprise department, achieving turnover of Rs. 100 Cr+ projects from Government.
Anchal enjoys solving sudoku puzzles along with problems of our customers.