Decoding the Marks: A Guide to CE and BIS Certifications for Power Backup Industry in India

CE and BIS marks are certifications for power backup products and Solar Storage solutions in India for safety standards. These products provide backups to the home, buildings, industries, etc. The safety certification becomes the most precious for any user of these Electrical and Electronics products. Su-vastika is the first Indian company to get BIS and CE marks for its power backup and battery energy Storage Systems BESS. The product range includes Pure Sinewave Inverters, UPS, Lithium Inverters, Solar Inverters, Lift Inverters, Solar Inverters and Lithium Baterry range having ESS.

CE Marking:

CE marking is not mandatory for power backup products sold within India. Instead, the mandatory certification for such products is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification. The BIS mark indicates that the product has met the safety and performance standards set by the Indian government.

However, CE marking can be important for power backup manufacturers in India for the following reasons:

Exporting to the European Union (EU): CE marking is mandatory for power backup products sold in the EU market. Obtaining a CE marking demonstrates that the product complies with relevant EU health, safety, and environmental regulations. This is essential for manufacturers who want to export their products to the EU.

Enhancing brand image: Even though not mandatory within India, having CE marking can be seen as a mark of quality and safety for consumers. This can help manufacturers in India to differentiate their products from the competition and potentially command a higher price premium.

Technical harmonization: Some Indian standards for power backup products are harmonized with the corresponding European standards. In such cases, obtaining CE marking based on these harmonized standards can simplify obtaining BIS certification.

While not mandatory for domestic sales, CE marking can be a valuable asset for Indian power backup manufacturers who want to export to the EU or enhance their brand image.

Here are some additional points to consider:

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BIS Marking:

  • It is the Bureau of Indian Standards that is compulsory for India’s power backup and solar storage solutions.
  • Mandatory for specific categories of power backup products sold in India under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS).
  • Ensures that the products meet the Indian safety and quality requirements specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • More stringent and specific requirements compared to CE marking, covering aspects like performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.
BIS certificate in UPS

BIS certified UPS

BIS mark

BIS mark


Key Differences:

  • Applicability: CE marking is voluntary for India, while BIS marking is mandatory for power backup and storage solutions along with the solar storage solutions.
  • Standards: CE marking adheres to EU standards, while BIS marking follows Indian standards in respect of Power storage solutions and Solar storage solutions along with the Lithium baterries.
  • Focus: CE marking focuses on broad safety aspects, while BIS marking has stricter requirements for power backup products.
  • Testing: Both require the testing of Pure Sinewave Inverter/UPS, Solar Inverters, Lift Inverters/ERD, Lithium inbuilt UPS, Lithium Inverters, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Lithium baterries, need to be tested by the designated laboratories and standards for CE and BIS certification.


In summary:

  • The CE and BIS certifications shows the strength of Su-vastika’s product quality and safety standards being followed.
  • Having both the CE and BIS certification helps us export in European Union countries and in the domestic market having both the marks shows our product quality and standards being followed.

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