Su Vastika Systems Private Limited UKCERT CE MARK (LVD) CE-4476

The information you provided, UKCERT CE MARK (LVD) CE-4476, indicates a product that has likely undergone a conformity assessment process to comply with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) of the European Union. Here’s a breakdown of what each part signifies:

  • UKCERT: This could refer to a certification body named UK Certification Ltd. or another organization with “UKCERT” in its name. Certification bodies assess products to ensure they meet the requirements of specific directives or standards.
  • CE Mark: This mandatory marking signifies a product has been assessed and meets the essential safety requirements of relevant EU directives. In this case, it points towards compliance with the LVD.
  • LVD (Low Voltage Directive): EU Directive 2014/35/EU sets safety standards for electrical equipment operating within specific voltage ranges to minimize the risk of electric shock or fire.
  • CE-4476: This could be a unique identification number assigned to the product’s certification file or a specific model number.

Possible Interpretations of CE-4476:

  • Certificate Number: Some certification bodies assign unique numbers to certificates issued for specific products. CE-4476 could be the certificate number issued by UKCERT for this particular product’s compliance with the LVD.
  • Model Number: Less likely, but CE-4476 could be a model number for the product that incorporates the “CE” marking.

Finding More Information:

To determine the exact meaning of CE-4476, here are some suggestions:

  • Online Search: Try searching online using the full product name or model number along with “UKCERT” and “CE-4476”. This might lead you to information about the specific product certification.
  • Manufacturer or Supplier: The manufacturer or supplier of the product might have information about the certification process and the relevant standards on their website or product documentation.

Importance of CE Marking:

The CE marking signifies that the product has undergone the required conformity assessment procedures and meets the essential safety requirements of the LVD. This allows for the free movement of the product within the European Economic Area (EEA) market. It also provides assurance to consumers that the product meets basic safety standards.

Additional Tips:

  • If you’re unsure about the certification body or the meaning of CE-4476, you can try contacting UKCERT directly to inquire.

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