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BESS with Lithium
Battery Bank
Text Layer200 KVA BESS with
Lithium Battery Bank replaces
375 KVA genets
50 KVA BESS with
Lithium Battery Bank

The first Indian start-up to get Technology Patents in the field of:

Battery Energy Storage Systems(BESS) Lift Inverters/ERD Solar Inverter BMS for Lithium Battery Lithium Inbuilt Inverters Heavy Duty UPS(3P-3P) Lithium Battery Testing Equipment Solar PCU Energy Storage System Single Phase Inverter UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Single Phase

A Wide Range of Power Storage and Solar Solutions for Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Housing Societies, and Industries etc.

Lithium UPS Combo Series

In today’s tech-driven world, power outages are more than just an inconvenience. They can disrupt work, halt entertainment, and even compromise critical processes.

Lithium Inbuilt Battery UPS/ESS

Su-vastika Lithium inbuilt battery ESS offers All-in-One Lithium LifePO4 battery inbuilt power storage system which is not only more powerful but also portable, compact, easy on pocket (cost effective) and environment friendly.


Su-vastika Battery Energy Storage Systems having capacity of 10 – 20 and 50 KVA are ideal for large homes, farmhouses, Nursing homes, small apartment complex for storage and Solar Solutions. The Lithium battery backed BESS takes one fourth the space of the similar Generator capacity.

The Battery Energy Storage system is defined in Wikipedia link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_storage


Solar Hybrid PCU

We aim to provide sustainable energy solutions to our customers by developing solar landscapes full-throttle. In line with our objectives, our products for harnessing and storing the sun’s power are efficient and incorporate avant-garde technology.

10 KVA ESS with Lithium battery

Heavy Duty UPS with Lithium battery Bank

The Energy Storage Solution with Lithium Battery is a simple and easy-to-use system that connects to your home’s electrical system. Energy is stored in the lithium battery bank. Then, when you need it, the stored energy can be used to power your establishment.

ERD-(Emergency Rescue Device) For Lift & Escalator Power Backup | Suvastika

Lift Inverter/ERD/Lift backup

Lift Inverter/ERD is an Inverter/UPS that acts during power failures and gives backup uninterruptedly and no jerk is felt by the passengers travelling in the lift. In the event that the main power source fails, this emergency equipment supplies a 3-phase power supply to the Lifts and Elevators.

Retrofit Lithium Battery Home

Upgrade your inverter to a Su-vastika lithium retrofit battery for unmatched reliability. Enjoy significantly longer backups, faster charging, and years of service life compared to lead-acid models.


Su-vastika Battery Energy Storage Systems having capacity of 40 and 50 KVA are ideal for large homes, farm houses, Nursing homes, small apartment complex for storage and Solar Solutions. The Lithium battery backed BESS takes one fouth the space of the similar Generator capacity.


Su-vastika grid-connected energy storage system can support a grid 24×7 by providing frequency and voltage support. ESS can be a great resource for renewable energy (RE) and electric vehicle (EV) integration with the electricity distribution grid.

BIS and CE certified Products

Su-vastika has got the BIS certification and CE certification for it’s product range.

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Introducing Su-vastika’s ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM (ESS)

The Eco-Friendly Generator Alternative!  Say goodbye to power outages with our cutting-edge Energy Storage System. Our UPS technology ensures uninterrupted power supply in just 2-5ms, preventing any disruptions for your sensitive equipment. Experience our patent technology and join the green energy revolution today

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