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Nigeria Energy 2023 was an annual event held from September 19-21, 2023, at the Landmark Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. It was the 10th edition of this even which has become a key meeting point for stakeholders in Nigeria’s energy sector.

The event brought together key stakeholders and government representatives with visionary professionals to find solutions for Nigeria’s peak energy demand and to pave the way for decentralization of the energy sector. The goal of the even was to accelerate Nigeria’s sustainable energy supply.

The conferences featured high-level discussions and a large exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in the energy sector [1]. The focus was on finding a blueprint for Nigeria’s power sector in the coming years with the aim of improving access to electricity, driving economic growth, and creating jobs throughout West Africa.

Since Nigeria Energy 2023 took place in September 2023, it’s no longer possible to participate in that specific event. However, if you’re interested in future Nigeria Energy events, here’s some information that might be helpful regarding potential eligibility:

Target Audience (Likely):

  • Energy Sector Professionals: This includes representatives from power generation companies, transmission and distribution companies, renewable energy companies, oil and gas companies, and engineering firms involved in the energy sector.
  • Government Officials: Representatives from the Ministry of Power, Ministry of Petroleum Resources, and other relevant government agencies involved in energy policy and regulation.
  • Investors and Financiers: Those interested in investing in Nigeria’s energy sector projects.
  • Consultants and Service Providers: Companies offering consulting services, legal services, or other expertise relevant to the energy sector.
  • Technology Providers: Companies showcasing innovative technologies for power generation, transmission, distribution, and energy efficiency.

Ways to Participate (Likely):

  • Conference Attendance: Registering to attend the conference sessions and panel discussions.
  • Exhibition Booth: Renting a booth to showcase your company’s products or services related to the energy sector.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsoring various aspects of the event to gain visibility and brand recognition.
  • Speaker Opportunities: Submitting proposals to speak at the conference on relevant topics.

Looking Ahead:

While specific details for future events might not be available yet, here are some resources to keep an eye on for information on eligibility and participation in Nigeria Energy events:

  • Nigeria Energy Website (if available): There might be an official website for the event that gets updated with information for future editions. Search for “Nigeria Energy” or the organizer’s name to find the relevant website.
  • Industry News and Publications: Stay updated on industry publications and news websites that cover events related to Nigeria’s energy sector. These sources might announce details about future Nigeria Energy events and participation opportunities.

By following these resources, you can stay informed about eligibility requirements and how to participate in future Nigeria Energy events.






Nigeria Energy, formerly Power Nigeria, exhibition and conference is the leading energy event in West Africa. After nine successful annual editions, Nigeria Energy is set to return for its 10th-anniversary edition, bigger and better. Held under the patronage of Nigeria’s Ministry of Power, the exhibition and conference attracted hundreds of local and international suppliers and thousands of professional visitors.

Nigeria Energy caters to the entire value chain, from manufacturers and global industry experts to governments and power industry professionals. Public utilities can meet with consultants, EPC contractors and technology providers to form partnerships and provide solutions for the challenges facing the region’s energy sector.

The event provides a unique platform for exhibitors worldwide to showcase cutting-edge products and services. The exhibition provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers from across the globe to develop international relationships and for investors to discover the opportunities available in the region. Exhibitors and attendees can network and learn through the content-rich conference programme about technology, trends and emerging themes from the public and private sectors. An increasing drive for clean energy to supplement the growing demand for conventional power capacity is emerging as a key theme across Africa’s utilities sectors.

Su-vastika took part in Nigeria Energy 2023 and was represented by Mr. kunwer Sachdev Foundert Su-kam and Mentor Su-vastika. He showed the Lithium Inverter range along with the Battery Energy Storage Systems and drew much interest among the African continent.

Landmark Centre in LagosLandmark Centre in Lagos