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Give Your Inverter/UPS a HEART with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Give Your Inverter/UPS a HEART with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-based mobile application. Su-vastika Systems, the leading manufacturer of Power backup solutions from India, has introduced a new and unique feature in our latest Inverter/UPS, Solar Hybrid  PCU, Heavy Duty UPS, ERD and ESS range of products, with an option of making regular Inverter/UPS to Smart UPS with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-based.

We have introduced a USB port at the back panel of the UPS, through which parameters of the UPS can be checked and used to convert the regular UPS to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based UPS without making any further changes.

The Indian patent office has granted the patent to us already, and this is the patented technology we have developed.https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/start-up-su-vastika-solar-received-a-patent-for-its-iot-based-system-from-the-government-of-india/articleshow/94473750.cms

This USB port will also be used for checking the digital warranty. The dealer can show the warranty to the user before installation of the product and can check the warranty at any given time through the laptop or Bluetooth dongle.

This USB port will be used to check the parameters of UPS at any given time through the computer having our proprietary based software or app using Su-vastika wi-fi and Bluetooth adaptor.

Computer-based software to monitor and control the UPS

We can also update our UPS software through this USB port.

All the settings of the UPS can also be done through this USB port, like WUPS and UPS mode, charging current locations, and Battery type selection like Tubular, SMF or Lithium Life Po4 selection.


  1. The Su-vastika has made Inverter/UPS cost-effective; later, users can add Bluetooth and Wi-fi functionality by adding an adapter/dongle.
  2. The UPS software can be easily upgraded through the USB port given.
  3. The next-generation feature-packed UPS can be checked and repaired through computer-based proprietary software.
  4. Settings of UPS parameters can be done through a USB port via mobile or computer instead of regular Dip switches.

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