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How to Choose the Right Battery Inverter/UPS

What parameters should the customer check technical features before buying an Inverter/UPS? How to choose the right battery Inverter/UPS? So here we have made technical points to consider before selecting the Inverter/UPS. Pure Sinewave…
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Give Your Inverter/UPS a HEART with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Give Your Inverter/UPS a HEART with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-based mobile application. Su-vastika Systems, the leading manufacturer of Power backup solutions from India, has introduced a new and unique feature in our latest Inverter/UPS, Solar Hybrid…
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UPS and Wide UPS Mode Explained: In Inverter/UPS

Every household or office experiences voltage and frequency fluctuation in the house or office. For example, when the Voltage goes down, we can see the fan speed going slow, the light going dim, or the water cooler fan speed going slow, called…