The warranty has always been a conflict and headache for the End consumer and the Sellers. While selling the product, all sellers claim to give 2-5 years warranty on electronic goods like TV, fridges, inverters, Batteries, etc. But at the time of service, sellers ask for multiple documents like Invoices, certificates, stickers, serial no, etc. The warranty documents are lost with time, transfer of location, transfer of goods etc.; hence most of the time, consumer end up paying more, falling under the warranty clause. Su-vastika have digital warranty without any paper in UPS/Inverter/solar PCU/ESS.

In the Inverter industry, the same process is still being followed worldwide. There is a dependency on physical Invoices or CRM entries to claim a warranty.

Warranty is not a headache only for consumers but also for dealers/ distributors. Transportation of goods from manufacturer to warehouses to distributors to dealers to retailers and then to convert into sales to end consumer take time. Suppose products remain unsold during off-seasons or for extended periods. In that case, the warranty period may expire before the product is even sold to a consumer, causing further issues for the seller, the company, and the consumer.

What is the solution?

Su-vastika brings in a Digital warranty without any paper in UPS/Inverter/solar PCU/ESS, a remarkable, revolutionary, and mindful innovation by Su-vastika Systems. Su-vastika’s Digital warranty is linked with the microprocessor in the PCB Mains card of the inverters/UPS, Online UPS—solar PCU, ERD and ESS etc.

The warranty shall start only when Inverter is connected to Battery, and when the Battery is disconnected from Inverter, the warranty stops. This addresses one of the common concerns with traditional warranty models. With this approach, the warranty remains valid as long as the Inverter is actively in use, regardless of the reason for its temporary disconnection, such as the Inverter or Battery not working or the owner being away on vacation.

Su-vastika Digital warranty provides consumers and dealers/ Distributors complete peace of mind.

This is even more beneficial in projects where site readiness takes time and inverter installation is delayed. Don’t worry; your warranty won’t be lapsed due to project delays, ensuring that customers receive the complete coverage they are entitled to.

By linking the warranty with the microprocessor in the PCB card of the inverters, Su-vastika has found a unique way to ensure warranty coverage that aligns with the actual usage of the Inverter.

How to access a Digital warranty?

The warranty can be easily accessed by connecting your Inverter through Su-vastika Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi app or via a data transfer wire to your computer.

This means that it is not a physical document that you need to keep track of but rather a record of your warranty that is stored in the device itself and can be seen through the mobile app or through the computer having the software to check the same, as all Su-vastika products come with the USB port, which can be used for checking the warranty.

Digital warranties can be activated by the manufacturer or retailer when the device is first purchased. Once activated, the warranty information will be linked to the device’s serial number.

In case the Inverter PCB card with a digital warranty fails or requires repairs within the warranty period, the warranty coverage can still be claimed after the necessary fixes. This can save time and hassle for both the consumer and the manufacturer.

How can you check the Digital Warranty?

The calculation of the Digital warranty provided by Su-vastika is based on a descending order system, represented in Months, Days, Hours, and Minutes.

The warranty period starts counting from when the Inverter is connected to the Battery. This means the warranty timer begins when the Inverter is plugged in and in use.

Supposedly, UPS has a two-year warranty; then it has 24 months warranty. It will start working when the user plugs in the product with the Battery, and the digital counter inside the microprocessor starts working digitally.

This warranty stops calculating the time if the user is shifting the place and removes the UPS from the Battery. Hence, the period where the UPS is not plugged into the Battery is an extended warranty for the user as the UPS is not calculating the time when the Battery is plugged out of the UPS. If the user temporarily removes the Inverter from the Battery, such as during relocation, the warranty timer stops counting until the Inverter is reconnected. The period when the Inverter is not connected to the Battery is treated as an extended warranty period for the user.

So, this warranty can be called used per pay warranty and not from the date of purchase or installation.


Digital warranties offer many advantages over traditional paper warranties.

1. Convenience: You can easily access your warranty information anywhere, anytime. It eliminates the need to keep track of paper documentation. This is especially helpful if you need to file a warranty claim.

2. Secure: Digital warranties are typically stored in the non-volatile memory of the processor. This means the warranty information will be recovered if the device is turned off or the operating system is reinstalled. Your warranty information is not stored on paper that could be lost or damaged. Instead, it is stored on your device itself. This helps to protect your personal information and makes it less likely that your warranty will be lost or stolen.

3. Environment friendly: Digital warranties are more environmentally friendly. They do not require using paper, which helps reduce waste.

4. Cost: The warranty is only calculated when using the product. If you unplug the Battery, it will stop the warranty period and start figuring out when you plug in the Battery.

Steps to access Digital Warranty provided by Su-Vastika:

1 Download the Su-vastika Bluetooth/Wi-Fi app: Install the Su-vastika mobile application on your smartphone or tablet from the relevant app store (e.g., Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

2.Connect your Inverter: Ensure that your Inverter is connected to a power source and within your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal.

3. Open the Su-vastika app: Launch the Su-vastika app on your mobile device and search for the serial no of your Inverter. Follow the provided instructions to pair your device with the Inverter.

4. Access the warranty information: Once the connection is established, you can view the warranty information for your Inverter within the app. The remaining warranty shall be displayed on the Top left of the screen in the form of Months, Days, Hours, and Minutes.

5. Warranty through Computer: You can also check the warranty of the Inverter using a computer: If you prefer to limit the warranty on a laptop, connect your Inverter to the computer using a data transfer wire (e.g., USB cable).

6. Ensure that the necessary software for accessing the warranty is installed on your computer. Launch the software and follow the instructions to retrieve and view the warranty information.

Patented Technology

Su-vastika has the Technology Patent for Digital warranty without any paper in UPS/Inverter/solar PCU/ESS.

Su-vastika’s Digital warranty system significantly improves the customer experience and simplifies the warranty process for consumers and industry stakeholders. By aligning the warranty with the product’s actual usage, Su-vastika has introduced a practical and customer-centric approach that sets it apart in the industry.

If you are considering buying a new Inverter/UPS, Solar PCU, ESS, ERD, or Lithium battery, ask the retailer if they offer a digital warranty. This could be a great way to protect your investment and ensure you are covered in any problems.

Welcome to the New Era of Digitalisation with Su-vastika Digital warranty.

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