ESS- Energy Storage Solutions Power Storage Solutions for Heavy loads- Launched in India

In India, despite soaring energy costs and various reasons, such as rising population, economic development, static designs for machinery and portable devices, and so on, have resulted in a huge increase in power consumption. Due to this high demand and interruption in coal supply, the coal stock at power plants fell sharply, leading to power outages in the country. As a result, shifting from traditional sources such as fossil fuels to renewable resources can be a simple and effective way to meet this ever-increasing energy need. This will also help the government to achieve 500 GW of non-fossil fuel power capacity by 2030. Establishing Energy Storage System (ESS), has thus emerged as a critical step for the power sector. Simply put, ESS converts electrical energy from power systems, stores energy, and acts as a power standby to compensate for power during peak electrical requirements.

Realizing the emerging need for an Energy Storage System in our country, Su-vastika, which is one of India’s most promising power storage and power startup companies, is leading the charge and transforming the power backup storage sector through its technology, enthusiasm, and innovation. Relying on its cutting-edge renewable power conversion technology and industry-leading battery technology, Su-vastika focuses on integrated energy storage system solutions. 

As a leader in innovation, Su-vastika possesses a dynamic technical R&D team committed to inventing new technologies in the field of Power backup, Solar Power Generation, and lithium battery technology, and now in the EV space. Under the mentorship of Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Su-vastika has been able to create powerful solutions that are green, sustainable and cost-effective. His innovative inverter and solar-powered UPS are loved by people across India and attracted customers globally, helping him build a significant base in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal, earning him titles of ‘The Inverter Man of India’ and ‘The Solar Man of India’. Mr. Kunwer Sachdev is the founder of one of the most well-known brands in the power backup industry – Su-Kam. For over 30 years, he spearheaded Su-Kam with his vision and mantra to “Innovate”, until 2019 when Su-kam got liquidated.

Due to his efforts, India was finally introduced to Energy Storage System or ESS. The Energy Storage System, developed by Su-vastika, is a rechargeable battery system that stores energy from the electric grid or any renewable energy source and provides that energy back when needed to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and provide cost savings to consumers and utilities.  Furthermore, these ensure system reliability and stability by responding rapidly to power fluctuations. The primary component of an ESS is a LiFePO4-based Lithium-ion battery and can run all heavy loads that a heavy generator can run, with higher efficiency, cost saving and safe to environment. 

The superior static switches used in this patent technology by Su-vastika’s ESS system minimize switching time to just 2 to 5 milliseconds, quick enough to prevent a computer and most sensitive equipment from resetting. This makes it an ideal alternative to generators and lead-acid battery-based home UPS/inverters. Providing a never seen before high energy storage capabilities, faster switch time, negligible maintenance costs, zero pollution, long-lasting batteries for lifelong usage, and an insane amount of power ideal for large commercial and industrial spaces, ESS is a solution that is finally taking the industry away from non-renewable energy-based solutions such as diesel towards a solution that is based on renewable source of energy- the sun.

Su-vastika’s LiFePO4-based UPS is miles ahead from traditional UPS. Su-vastika’s UPS is offered in various power configurations to meet load-specific power backup needs. It undergoes rigorous quality control, including Automated Testing Zig, and is backed by a strong after-sales support network and warranty to provide a limitless energy supply for life. It ensures an adaptive Performance using ATC, making it an ideal power backup solution for even harsh weather conditions. This means that when there is a temperature change, the user can select the appropriate charging stage thanks to the presence of a smart ATC. A generic battery may cease charging as the temperature rises, but Su-vastika’s premium UPS series with ATC will continue to charge. Su-vastika’s energy storage products have the advantages of high integration, high safety, and high efficiency. They are designed to meet demanding requirements in residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-side applications.

Su-vastika has also received Technology Patent for the said technology which proves their credibility.


A strong commitment to changing the energy storage market will require a switch to renewable energy sources, efficient electrification, grid flexibility, usable EV charging and the development of Li-ion battery storage technologies. This will lead to significant growth in society and the economy.

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