Power Your World with the Su-vastika 15KVA 3 Phase Lithium Inverter

Su-vastika 15KVA 3-Phase Lithium Inverter: Power Your World, Cleanly and Quietly

Power Your World with the Su-vastika 15KVA 3 Phase Lithium Inverter

The Su-vastika 15kVA 3-phase lithium inverter with a 19.2kWh lithium battery bank offers a powerful and eco-friendly solution for your backup and energy storage needs. This all-in-one system goes beyond just traditional inverters, transforming into a scalable solar power solution. https://suvastika.com/exploring-the-benefits-of-a-3-phase-lithium-inverter/

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Reliability:

    • Pure Sinewave technology: This gives the Pure Sinewave form in each phase, and the power quality you get from this 3-phase Lithium Inverter is better than the power you get from the Grid power.
    • Long Backup: The 19.2kWh lithium-ion battery bank provides ample power to keep your equipment running during outages. The powerful Lithium-ion bank can power heavy loads like Lifts and central Air conditioning systems without interruption.
    • Seamless Switching: AI-based IGBT technology ensures zero switching time and uninterrupted operation for critical IT loads. Computers, printers, TVs, and the Air conditioning system work without switching times.
    • Solar Ready: Upgrade to a complete solar solution by adding an MPPT Solar Charge Controller and solar panels.
    • Patented technology: Su-vastika has filed 4 technology patents on 3 phase technology and has already received 2 technology patents from the Controller of Patents in India.
    • Superior to Generators: Eliminate noise, fumes, and fuel costs associated with diesel generators.
    • Digital Warranty: Peace of mind for the user as no need to keep any warranty documents as there is an inbuilt Digital warranty clocks which only starts when the product is plugged in with the battery and counts the seconds minutes days as per the usage by the user.
  • Smart Technology:

    • AI-powered: Control and monitor your inverter through a dedicated computer application (Android & iOS).
    • Remote Monitoring: Stay informed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Power Your World with the Su-vastika 15KVA 3 Phase Lithium Inverter

    Digital Warrenty

  • Advanced Functionality:

    • Load Balancing: Ensures efficient power distribution across your appliances.
    • Clean and Green: Generate and store clean solar energy, reducing carbon footprint.
    • Compact Footprint: Takes minimal space compared to traditional backup systems.
    • Fast Installation: Plug-and-play design allows easy setup within 2-3 hours.
    • Heavy-Duty Power: Supports powerful motors and central air conditioners without interruption.
  • Proven Performance: Backed by successful installations across India.

Ideal for:

  • Homes and businesses with critical IT equipment
  • Locations seeking a clean and sustainable power source
  • Applications requiring reliable backup during power outages

With the Su-vastika 15kVA 3-phase lithium inverter, enjoy uninterrupted power, embrace clean energy, and experience the future of backup solutions.

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