Within a short period, Su-vastika Systems, a leading manufacturer of Power backup solutions from India, has spread its wings and marked its global presence in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America as a market leader in more than 45 countries. We are one of the largest exporters of India the Solar Power backup products like battery inverters, Solar UPS, Solar inverters, Lift UPS Energy Storage Systems, Industrial UPS Lithium battery packs etc.

Su-vastika is also accredited as a STAR EXPORT HOUSE by the Government of India. This achievement has been possible with a sheer pursuit of quality, excellence and innovation.  Our mentor Mr Kunwer Sachdev (Founder-Su-kam), and Ms Khushboo Sachdev, along with the founding team members Pallav Aggarwal and Chirag Chawla as a Management team.

We have already got the status of Star Export House from the govt. Of India, which is proof of the fact of our status of export from India.

Su-vastika offers a wide range of Power backup solutions
• Pure Sinewave UPS with ATC (750VA-5000VA)
• Solar Hybrid PCU (PWM & MPPT) (1050VA-15KVA)
• Isolation TX based Online UPS (1P-1P) & (3P-3P)
• IGBT based Heavy Duty UPS 6.5 KVA to 15KVA (1P-1P) & 10KVA to 500KVA (3P-3P)
• Inbuilt battery UPS system with Lithium-ion and lithium LifePO4 batteries 225VA to 4000VA
• ESS- Energy Storage System 2KVA to 15KVA (1P-1P) and 10KVA-500KVA (3P-3P)
• Lift UPS (ERD-Emergency Rescue Device) 10KVA-250KVA (3P-3P)

Su-vastika aims to create a worldwide impact in Technology and Power backup Industry by developing sustainable, efficient, green & safe power storage solutions. The company has secured multiple patents and copyrights in Solar, Inverters, Lithium Batteries, Electric Vehicles, automatic testing machines and equipment, further enhancing its global position in Power backup and Technology.

Su-vastika has received 10 Technology Patents, becoming India’s first Startup company to receive Technology Patents.  We have filed more than 60 technology patents in the last three years, and it is still going strong, with new technology patents filed monthly.

Su-vastika has many proud partners who trust us for OEM/ODM services. With a solid and wide distribution network in the global market, Su-vastika has been powering many nations with its innovative products and growing exponentially year by year.


Su-vastika at the 48th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE).

Su-vastika at the 48th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE).

Su-vastika at the 48th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE).

Su-vastika at the 48th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE).

Su-vastika at the 48th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE).

Su-vastika at the 48th edition of Middle East Energy (MEE).

Considering voltage requirements in respective countries, Su-vastika is amongst a few Inverter manufacturers with products supporting all global voltage ranges like 220V/ 50 Hz, 220V/60 Hz, and 110V/ 60 Hz.

Su-vastika’s all products are equipped with Bluetooth/Wifi app option for monitoring and controlling through Online App.

Users can also see a Digital warranty through the app. Any regular UPS can be converted into Smart-UPS as all UPS have USB ports at the back of the cabinet panel.

Users can quickly access Digital warranty through an App or computer connector with the protocol.

All our products are tested on Automatic testing machines developed in-house by us.

Automatic testing machine for UPS testing

Bluetooth wifi App

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