1. The Su-vastika Digital warranty works inside the Microprocessor installed in each product manufactured by Su-vastika, where the clock starts when it gets the power through the External battery. The watch automatically counts seconds, minutes, hours, and days when battery power is detected. The warranty comes in fixed timing, and it starts showing the reverse counting on display, which can be seen on the production of the product or through the iOS devices on a mobile application or through the computer by downloading the digital warranty software.
Digital warranty

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi app


  1. Microprocessor-based internal clock: Su-vastika is the first company in the world which has used a single processor for its product functioning along with the digital clock software, which is a patented technology by Su-vastika without any built-in clock in the microprocessor or external clock used for the measurement of time in all it’s backup power and solar backup power product range.
  2. Time accumulation: The inbuilt clock software would continuously count seconds, minutes, hours, and days.
  3. Data storage: The accumulated time data is stored at a frequency of every 20 seconds, which keeps the data safe in case the battery is unplugged from the system.
  4. Readout options:
    • Computer Interface: all our products have a USB port that can be connected to the computer by a wire, and the unique digital warranty software created by the Su-vastika team can download the current status of the equipment’s warranty attached to the computer. Another advantage of this software is that it can program the fresh warranty and the AMC period.
    • IoT devices: cab attached with all our product range and equipped with wireless connectivity (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi), it could transmit the time data to a mobile app of that particular device and can display running warranty on the mobile application. Su-vastika has dedicated mobile apps for each product category. Please go to the app store and check Su-vastika’s app on the Android and iOS stores.
  • Some devices already have similar features, like fitness trackers that record total workout time.
  • The specific purpose of a “digital warranty clock” is essential for the dealer and customer’s peace of mind as the warranty cards are lost and dealers also keep fighting with the company for warranty. Also, when a dealer buys a product, companies only give a warranty for a limited period. If the dealer cannot sell the product during that period, then the warranty becomes void, creating a wedge between the dealer and the company. The digital warranty solves all these issues as this is a transparent mechanism for all the stakeholders.