Su-vastika’s 2.5 KVA Solar MPPT PCU with Lithium battery wall mount system

Efficient Solar Power with Su-vastika’s 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Introducing the Su-vastika’s  AI-based 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU with 2.4KW Lithium-ion Battery

Upgrade your solar system with this innovative, space-saving wall-mounted solar solution from Su-vastika.

Key Advantages

  • Intelligent Solar Energy Management: Our Su-svastika AI-based 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU with a 2.4KW Lithium-ion Battery is not just an intelligent energy solution; it’s a cost-saving one, too. By automatically switching to solar mode once the battery reaches 50% charge, it outperforms competitors who require a full 100% battery charge. This unique feature acts like a solar grid feed Inverter system, significantly reducing your electricity bill. Most users who install solar storage systems do not benefit from solar PCU systems as they charge the Tubular Lead Acid battery the whole day when solar sunshine is available. When the Lead Acid battery charges to 100% level and then discharges the battery to give the backup power to the load, it reduces the battery life, and the battery’s cycle life is used daily.
  • Digital Warranty: We understand that investing in a product like the Su-svastika AI-based 2500VA Solar MPPT PCU is a big decision. That’s why our digital warranty makes it easier for you. You won’t have to worry about losing your warranty card or having it tampered with. This paperless warranty can be tracked through your computer or Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dongle, ensuring your warranty is always secure and accessible. It’s just one more way we’re making your life easier.
Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika's 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Digital Warranty video

  • Pure Sinewave Solar PCU: Our Su-svastika AI-based 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU with a 2.4KW Lithium-ion Battery is not just about power; it’s about quality power. Equipped with a Pure Sinewave form, it ensures pure power when working in battery or Solar mode. This means you can enjoy a consistent and reliable power supply without fluctuations or interruptions. Whether you’re running sensitive equipment or want to ensure a smooth power supply for your home, our Pure Sinewave Solar PCU has you covered.
Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika's 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Pure Sinewave waveform

  • The Switching Time: Our Su-svastika AI-based 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU is designed to provide uninterrupted power, even during a power cut. This means your computers, TVs, and other sensitive appliances can keep working without interruption. You can trust our product to deliver reliable power when needed, giving you peace of mind.
  • Load running Capacity: It can run 2KW bulb load and can easily run 1.5 Ton air conditioner and two fans and LED bulbs etc. along with the Air conditioner. If there is a 5-star air conditioner of 1.5 tons then one can run other household load easily like fridge, TV fans and lighting load along with the Air conditioner.
  • Bidirectional Technology: The Solar MPPT PCU has the bidirectional technology, which is driven by MOSFETS, and the microprocessor has the built-in Ai software which drives the whole technology.
  • Isolation Transformer: For the isolation of the circuitry and for taking care of power fluctuations and power sags and surges the isolation transformer to keep the connected load isolated from input challenges.
  • MPPT built-in Solar Charge Controller: This solar PCU has the MPPT (Maximum Power Tracking) Solar charge controller, which drives maximum power through the solar panels and helps the solar system achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Charge sharing between Grid and Solar power: This solar PCU automatically shares the Charging through the Grid and solar. This gives priority to the Solar Charge controller first, and if the solar is insufficient to charge the preset charging current, then the rest of the charge is drawn from the grid. The system has a setting where users can keep the grid out of the charging zone by activating the setting parameter. The grid charger also has different settings where users can select the smaller denomination of charging current through the grid system.

Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika's 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Angle: Factors to Consider

  • Solar Lithium-ion Battery Life: The Lithium-ion battery life is 7 to 10 years, whereas the life of a Tubular Lead-Acid battery is 2 to 3 years in a Solar storage system. Sometimes, two years of life is also challenging to achieve in a solar PCU, as one cycle is used almost daily in a solar PCU system.
  • Solar Battery Capacity C1 and C20: The Solar Tubular battery is a C10 or C20 capacity battery used in Solar PCU, which is made for smaller loads. If used with higher loads, the capacity reduces, and the battery’s efficiency is reduced drastically on higher loads.
Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika's 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Backup of Lithium and Tubular Battery

  • Lithium Battery Fast Charging: The Solar Lithium-ion battery is charged fully within 3 to 4 hours in the Solar PCU, whereas the Tubular Lead Acid battery takes 10 to 12 hours to charge fully in the Solar PCU system.
  • Maintenance of Battery: There is no maintenance required in the case of Lithium-ion batteries, and a Tubular Lead Acid battery is a headache as the need to refill the battery water on a regular basis and need cleaning of the battery vent plugs from time to time.

Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika's 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

  • Battery Charging Current settable on the Grid: The Solar PCU has the feature to set the charging current through the grid charging and this can be set through the Mobile application which can be downloaded through the Android and IOS stores.
Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika's 2.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Battery Charging Amp. Setting as per Battery rating.

  • Wide UPS and UPS Mode
  • Technology patented: We have applied for the technology patent to the Govt of India Patent office
  • Increased Solar Capacity: Charge your lithium-ion battery with its 50% capacity, allowing you to install more solar panels for more significant energy generation.
  • Space-Saving Design: Enjoy the benefits of our compact and lightweight lithium-ion battery (only 16kg vs. 140kg for lead-acid). It provides efficient power and frees up valuable space in your home or business.
  • Superior Backup Time: The 2.4KW lithium-ion battery delivers a longer backup time than comparable 200 Ah two number lead-acid battery bank of 24V system.
  • Remote Monitoring: The Su-vastika has the option of Bluetooth and Wi-fi based dongle system which makes it mobile phone based monitoring system. The Android and IOS stores have the mobile application of Su-vastika Solar PCU application which the user can download and than connect the mobile phone and monitor and control the Solar MPPT PCU through his mobile phone.

Upgrade to the intelligent, efficient, and space-conscious solar solution for your home or business. Contact Su-vastika to learn more and discuss your power needs.