Protecting your investment: How a Lithium UPS safeguards your laser machine

  1. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are crucial for laser machines as they ensure continuous operation during power outages and voltage fluctuations. All kinds of laser-based machines, like Laser cutters, laser welders, laser markers, laser Printers, laser Engraving, CNC Laser machines, laser surface treatment, 3D Cross-Line Self-Leveling Laser for hair treatment

  2. Laser-based additive manufacturing in the industry

    etc., need very accurate and stable power. The laser-based machines are very sensitive to power fluctuations. Once power interruptions happen, the chances of the laser beam going bad are very high. Hence, the laser-based equipment needs to have smooth power. The power backup has to be a UPS, which has power stability and switching time, keeping the laser machinery going without interruption.
    We need UPS with the Pure Sinewave technology as the Waveform of the UPS is critical for the smooth running of laser machines and the stable frequency of the UPS chosen for running the Laser machines. Laser machines can’t be run on generators, which we should understand, and generators can cause problems for any Laser machine because of their inherent challenges. One should not run any laser machine directly on the generator.

Online UPS: These are the most recommended types of laser machines as they provide the highest level of protection. They continuously convert AC power to DC and back to AC. The cost of running the Online UPS is very high as it takes extra power when the power is available and converts AC to DC and then AC power. Another challenge is that the battery power keeps the voltage to 220V accuracy. When the power is gone, the battery is very low to power the laser machine for even 1 minute of backup time. It provides a clean and stable power source. But the Online should have the Isolation transformer built in. The isolation transformer isolates the laser machines from spikes and surges.
Battery Energy Storage Systems. They are the new technology available in the market with Lithium batteries as a backup solution. They can have a solar power interface, which can be added with solar panels and solar charge controllers.
UPS with built-in lithium battery: These are the best UPS suited for laser machines with a built-in isolation transformer that protects the laser machine from all sorts of spikes and surges. This UPS should have Pure Sinewave UPS with a Frequency stability of 1% only. They only provide backup power during complete power outages and do not offer any protection from voltage fluctuations. Su-vastika specializes in UPS for laser machines, and these UPSs successfully protect and back Laser Machines.
Factors to Consider When Choosing a UPS:
Power rating: The power rating of the UPS should be sufficient to meet the needs of the laser machine.
Backup time: The backup time of the UPS should be long enough to give the backup continuously for at least one hour, and it should give warnings of low battery for at least 2 minutes so that one can close the laser machine easily.
Voltage regulation: The UPS should provide voltage regulation to protect the laser machine from Low and High voltages, and the UPS should shift to Battery mode in less than 10millisecond in case of low and High Voltages so that the laser machine does not get the low and high voltage which can be dangerous for the smooth functioning of Laser machines.
Crest factor: The UPS should be able to handle the high crest factor of the laser machine’s load.
Battery type: The UPS should have a lithium battery so that the battery’s life is at least 7 to 10 years, and there is no need to replace the battery. Since the lithium battery is of C1 capacity, its stability is higher than the lead acid battery, a standard backup for UPS applications.
Additional Features:
Remote monitoring: The UPS should have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to see the UPS parameters on the mobile phone through the dedicated application.
Automatic shutdown: This allows the UPS to shut down the laser machine automatically during a power outage.
Transfer Time: The transfer time should be less than five milliseconds so that in case of power failure, the UPS switches to battery mode uninterruptedly, and Laser machines work smoothly.

Digital Warranty: Su-vastika provides a digital warranty on all its products, which does not need a warranty card and registration, which creates a big challenge for the user. In case of faults, companies ask for bills or warranty cards.

Here are some additional tips for choosing and using a UPS for your laser machine:
Consult a qualified electrician to ensure the UPS is properly installed and configured.
Test the UPS regularly to ensure that it is working properly.
Replace the batteries in the UPS every 3-5 years.
By following these tips, you can choose the right UPS for your laser machine and ensure that it is protected from power outages and voltage fluctuations.

Su-vastika has the BIS and CE certification of the lithium-powered UPS to be installed with Laser machines which is the protection guarantee for your Laser machines.

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