Pune Society installed Lift Inverter

Seamless Lift Operation: Lithium Battery Inverters in Pune Society

Seamless Lift Operation: Lithium Battery Inverters in Pune Society

  • Runwal Seagull: This is a large residential society (complex) at Hadapsar in Pune, India. Su-vastika has installed Lift inverters/ERD with a Lithium battery bank to run lifts when the power fails.
  • Seamless Lift Operation: This likely refers to a system designed to ensure uninterrupted elevator service during power outages. This could involve using a backup generator or battery system to keep the elevator running.

  • The residents were having problems when power cuts used to happen as the lifts would stop with jerks, and then the ARD technology used to open the lift doors, and the residents had to wait for the generator to start. The lift begins after 5 minutes, goes straight to the basement, and then takes the floor where the resident must go. This 10-minute wastage, along with the jerking feeling, was a significant challenge, especially for children and people having a phobia about heights and lifts. After installing Su-vastika Lift Inverters/ERD in the complex, the residents were pleased.

  • As the lift does not stop when the power fails and does not need generator backup for 6 hours as the Lift Inverter provides instant backup to the lift, people travelling in the lift do not feel any change when the power fails as they travel smoothly in the lifts now. The 3-phase Lift Inverters are made specially for the lifts and protect them during power fluctuations and failures. The downtime of lift failures also reduces to 20% as most lifts fail during the power failure when the lifts are run on Diesel generators.

  • Su-vastika Lift Inverters: Su-vastika specializes in manufacturing lift Inverters with a capacity of 250 KVA. It is the largest manufacturer of Lift inverters in India.

  • Lift inverters are designed to provide continuous power to elevators even during power outages.

  • 20 Lifts: The society has 20 lifts in the complex, and Su-vastika has installed one Lift Inverter on two of them, and they work smoothly.

Seamless Lift Operation: Lithium Battery Inverters in Pune Society

Why This Matters

  • Power Reliability: In areas with frequent power cuts, lift inverters provide a significant convenience for residents, ensuring elevators remain functional.
  • Safety: Elevators becoming inoperable during outages can be a safety issue, especially for older people or those living on higher floors.
  • Property Value: Amenities like reliable lift services can positively impact the value of a residential society. Su-vastika installed a Lithium Lift Inverter in one of the upcoming Mumbai societies, which has been working smoothly. https://suvastika.com/introducing-the-first-lithium-ion-battery-powered-lift-inverters-in-mumbai/
  • Su-svastika’s lift inverter, also referred to as ERD (Emergency Rescue Device), offers several benefits for residential societies:

    Enhanced Safety and Comfort:

    • Emergency Power Backup: During power outages, the ERD ensures the elevator continues functioning, allowing residents to safely exit or enter the lift at the nearest floor. This eliminates the risk of getting stuck between floors.
    • Smooth Operation: The inverter provides a smooth ride even during power fluctuations, preventing jerks and sudden stops that can be startling for users, especially those prone to claustrophobia.
    • Wi-Fi-based Monitoring System: Su-vastika has a Wi-Fi monitoring system that helps society log power failures and see the logs of different alerts built in by the Su-vastika. Remote monitoring is an important feature of Lift Inverters.

    Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness:

    • Protects Elevator Equipment: Su-vastika’s lift Inverter/ERD safeguards the elevator from damage caused by sudden power surges or stops, potentially reducing maintenance costs in the long run.
    • Cost-efficient compared to UPS: While Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are another option for backup power, ERDs are generally considered more cost-effective, particularly for more significant buildings. They also boast lower running costs due to efficient battery usage.

    Environmental Friendliness:

    • Clean Operation: Unlike generators, Su-vastika’s lift Inverters/ERDs produce no air, noise, or vibration pollution, making them an eco-friendly choice for residential societies.
    • Solar Compatibility: The ERD system can be configured to operate on solar power, reducing society’s dependence on the grid and lowering electricity bills.

    Overall, Su-vastika’s lift inverter provides increased safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency for residential societies while promoting a greener environment.


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  1. Khushboo Sachdev
    Khushboo Sachdev says:

    Su-vastika’s increasing presence in the lift ups back up space is great news to prevent interruptions while travelling in an elevator. Say goodbye to power failure with ERD/ Lift UPS


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