Su-vastika 30 KVA 3 Phase Inverter with 19.2KW Lithium Battery

Su-vastika 30 KVA 3 Phase Inverter with 19.2KW Lithium Battery

Introducing the Su-vastika 30 kVA 19.2 kW Lithium 3-Phase Inverter

Su-vastika 30 KVA 3 Phase Inverter with 19.2KW Lithium Battery

Building upon the success of the Su-vastika inverter, we present a powerful and intelligent solution for businesses demanding reliable backup power—the Su-vastika30 kVA 19.2 kW Lithium 3-Phase Inverter, which is also known as an Energy Storage System as it has the provision to add Solar power at any given time. This 30 KVA model of 3 Phase Inverter has the provision to have internal Lithium battery provision, so it comes in a single cabinet and is a big space saver. benefits of 3 Phase Lithium Inverters

Enhanced Power and Capacity:

  • 30 kVA Output: This inverter delivers 30 kVA of clean power, meeting the needs of businesses with higher power demands.
  • 19.2 kW Lithium Battery: The integrated 19.2 kW lithium battery offers extended backup duration and exceptional performance.
Su-vastika 30 KVA 3 Phase Inverter with 19.2KW Lithium Battery


Clean and Sustainable Power:

  • Zero Emissions: Say goodbye to harmful diesel fumes. Our inverter generates clean energy, promoting a healthier environment.
  • Solar Compatibility: Upgrade to a solar inverter by adding an MPPT solar charge controller and compatible solar panels (sold separately).

Intelligent Features for Optimized Performance:

  • Remote Monitoring App: Monitor your system’s performance in real-time from anywhere. Optimise power usage and identify potential issues promptly.
  • Digital Warranty Management: Enjoy convenient tracking and management of your warranty with our digital system.
  • Pure Sinewave Output: Ensure compatibility with your valuable equipment, preventing damage from irregular voltages.
  • Uninterrupted Power: The Appliances attached to this 30KVA ESS remain working without any switching so computers, TVS ACS motors, lifts and any other sensitive appliance don’t see any flicker as this has almost no switching time.
  • Price: The price of standard Generator and price of 30 KVA are very close by and there is no diesel refilling required and the cost is recovered within one year of investment.
  • Life: The life of the generator is 10 years, and the life of the Lithium battery is 7 to 10 years, and the life of Lithium Inverter is more than 50 years. 

Su-vastika 30 KVA 3 Phase Inverter with 19.2KW Lithium Battery

Advanced Protection Systems for Peace of Mind:

  • Multi-level Protection: The inverter safeguards your appliances and itself with high- and low-voltage protection, battery protection, and overload safeguards.
  • Extended Battery Life: Maximize your battery’s lifespan with high and low battery cutoffs, preventing over-discharge and deep cycle damage.

Additional Benefits:

  • Sleep Mode for Energy Savings: Reduce energy waste and lower electricity bills during periods of low power consumption.
  • Scalable Design: Future-proof your power solution with the option to expand the system to accommodate growing power needs (details to be specified).

The Su-vastika 30 kVA 19.2 kW Lithium 3-Phase Inverter – for businesses seeking a dependable, clean, and intelligent backup power solution.

Note: This description is based on the provided information and incorporates enhancements for a 30 kVA model. Remember to replace Su-vastika with your actual brand name. Further research is needed for technical specifications and specific functionalities.

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