Save Money and Energy with Su-vastika's 10 kVA Solar PCU

Su-vastika’s 10 kVA Solar PCU with wall mount Lithium battery

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Su-vastika’s 10 kVA Solar PCU with wall mount Lithium Battery

Save Money and Energy with Su-vastika’s 10 kVA Solar PCU with a wall-mounted Lithium Battery Bank. This solar PCU has an IGBT-based Inverter and the first IGBT-based MPPT Solar charge controller, which provides Pure Sinewave and is reliable in extreme temperatures. This 10 KVA Solar Power Conditioning Unit can run 3 Air Conditioners and other household loads without interruption. The switching time is so low that it can uninterruptedly run computers, Wi-Fi routers, printers, TVs, etc. The IGBT-based Solar Charge controller has maximum efficiency and is rugged. It can use 10 KW solar panels and run the 8 KW load on solar and battery banks. The Solar Inverter 10 KVA with Lithium battery is important to install where the load is higher, and the power cuts are a big challenge.

Nowadays, the real estate cost is very high, and keeping the 10 batteries in a metal rack and the system’s weight, along with the mess created around the battery bank, is unbearable. On top of it, the Lead fumes generated while charging and discharging Lead acid batteries are harmful to the people staying on the same premises. The wall-mount battery bank of 9.6 KW has a life of 10 years compared to the 3 to 4 years of the Tubular Lead-Acid battery bank. Its space-saving feature is mind-boggling and requires no maintenance, which is a must for tubular lead-acid batteries. It has more backup time than the 10-battery-based solar PCU of the Lead-Acid battery bank of 150 Ah Tubular battery.

10 KVA inverter with a tubular lead acid battery bank.

10 KVA inverter with a tubular lead acid battery bank.

This all-in-one solution is ideal for homes looking to reduce electricity bills and gain reliable backup power.

Here’s how it can benefit you:

  • Energy Independence: This system harnesses the power of the sun. By generating your electricity with solar panels, you can rely less on the grid and save on electricity costs.
  • Backup Power: The lithium battery bank keeps your appliances and electronics running during power outages for a longer duration if the power cut happens during the sunlight is available, and in case sunlight is not available, then also the backup time is enough to last from 2 to 12 hours depending upon the load being used at that time.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Lithium-ion batteries boast extended lifespans compared to traditional Tubular lead-acid batteries as the life of the Tubular batteries is no more than 3 to 4 years in solar application as the usage of Solar battery is higher than Inverter usage in the Tubular Lead Acid battery. Inverters, batteries might last for 5 years, but in solar applications, tubular Lead Acid batteries are used on a daily basis, so the life is reduced compared to Inverter battery usage.
  • Wall-mounted lithium battery: Lithium batteries are known for their smaller size and weight. The Su-vastika has designed a 9.6KW Lithium battery that is wall-mountable, looks sleek and clean, and saves a lot of space.
  • Efficiency at Solar and grid power: The system is designed to convert solar and battery power efficiently, minimizing wasted energy. The main energy is being wasted in charging the Lead Acid batteries as they have three stages charging and after the 3-stage charging the Lead Acid battery continuously need trickle charging which is a big wastage of solar and grid power.
  • Appliance Protection: Pure sine wave technology safeguards your valuable electronics from potential damage during power fluctuations.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Monitoring: The Su-vastika has designed a dedicated mobile application which is available in Android and IOS to monitor the Solar MPPT PCU along with the settings of parameters through the mobile application only. This helps the user to understand the functioning of the Solar MPPT PCU.
  • IGBT and Isolation: in Su-vastika 10 KVA Solar PCU the Inverter portion is designed on rugged IGBT based technology and has the isolation transformer built in. This makes the Solar PCU rugged and makes it sustainable for any spikes and surges on the grid and the Out power is isolated, so the connected load is protected from any input noise.
  • IGBT based MPPT Solar charge Controller: The in- built MPPT based Solar charge controller in the 10 KVA Solar PCU is working on the IGBT technology which helps the Solar charge controller efficiency and can provide higher VOC and can connect a greater number of panels.
  • Fast Switching time: the switching over time from Mains to Battery mode is very fast so one can run computers, Wi-Fi routers and TVs etc. without any interruption. The power is always uninterrupted during the switching.

This write-up explores the benefits of Su-vastika’s 10 kVA MPPT solar PCU paired with a 9.6 kWh wall mount lithium battery bank.

Save Money and Energy with Su-vastika's 10 kVA Solar PCU

Su-vastika’s 10 kVA Solar PCU with Lithium Battery Bank

Save Money and Energy with Su-vastika’s 10 kVA Solar PCU with wall mount Lithium Battery Bank. This all-in-one system combines a solar inverter, a lithium-ion battery bank, and a solar charge controller. It is designed to provide backup power and reduce electricity bills for homes and businesses.

Here are some of the critical features of the Su-svastika 10 kVA Solar PCU with Lithium Battery Bank:

  • 10 kVA inverter: This provides enough power to run most household appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, water motors TVs, computers and printers etc.
  • Lithium-ion battery bank: Lithium-ion batteries are more efficient and longer-lasting than lead-acid batteries. They also have a smaller footprint, meaning the PCU can be installed in a more compact space.
  • MPPT Solar charge controller: This IGBT based MPPT solar charge controller charges the Lithium battery at a much faster rate and can charge the empty battery in 2 hours and the system is ready to shift to Solar mode to save the power bill.
  • Pure sine wave technology: This protects sensitive electronics from damage.
  • Solar and Grid Charge Sharing: The Lithium-ion battery can be charged through solar and Grid both depending on the solar power availability and in case the solar power is not enough then the Su-vastika Solar PCU draws the rest of the power from the grid as well and mix the power to charge the battery faster.
  • Only Charge through Solar Power feature: there is a setting in Solar PCU which allows the user to switch on in that case the battery will only charge through the Solar power only and will not draw any power from the grid.
  • Built-in isolation transformer: The Solar Inverter has the built-in Isolation transformer which protects your connected equipment from power surges.
  • Easy installation: The PCU is designed for easy installation by a qualified electrician.
  • Mobile app monitoring: You can monitor your solar system’s performance through a mobile app.

Overall, the Su-vastika 10 kVA Solar PCU or Solar hybrid Inverter with Lithium Battery Bank is a good option for homes and businesses that want a reliable and efficient way to back up power and reduce electricity bills.

Space Saving and Convenience:

Compact Lithium Battery: Ditch the bulky lead-acid setup! This system boasts a wall-mountable lithium battery, saving valuable floor space compared to a traditional 10-battery lead-acid system requiring a metal rack.
Superior Battery Performance:

Extended Lifespan: Enjoy a 10-year lifespan with the lithium battery, significantly surpassing the typical three years of a lead-acid battery.
Low Maintenance: Forget topping up water! Lithium batteries are virtually maintenance-free, saving you time and effort.
Faster Charging: Get your system up and running quickly. The lithium battery charges in just 1 hour, switching to solar power backup much faster than lead-acid batteries (which can take 10 hours).
Maximized Power Generation:

Reduced Electricity bill while charging: Lead-acid batteries utilize a 3-stage charging process (boost, absorption, float) that wastes around 30% of solar power. The lithium battery eliminates this waste with its more straightforward charging method. the Electricity bill is saved in case the Lithium battery is being charged on the Grid mode. the trickle charging required by the Lead Acid batteries which is also a big wastage of electricity waste. In case of Lithium-ion battery bank there is no trickle charging required.
Higher Backup Capacity: Lithium-ion batteries offer a C1 discharge rate compared to C10 or C20 in Tubular lead-acid batteries available in the market. This translates to more usable backup power for your home.
Overall, Su-vastika’s ten kVA MPPT solar PCU with a lithium battery bank provides a space-saving, efficient, and long-lasting solution for your home’s solar power needs.

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