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An online UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a type of UPS that provides continuous power to the load even during a power outage. This is done by converting the incoming AC power to DC power stored in a battery. The battery power is then converted back to AC power and supplied to the load.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uninterruptible_power_supply


In the Grid Power, which is available in homes, offices, factories and other establishments, several challenges are faced by the critical equipment installed in these areas. The mains AC Grid is subject to regular fluctuations, some of which can significantly threaten the integrity and continuity of the sophisticated equipment.

Voltage spikes and surges

Online UPSs are the most expensive type of UPS, but they offer the best protection for sensitive equipment. They are often used in data centres, hospitals, and other critical applications where a power outage can cause serious damage.

Here are some of the advantages of online UPSs:

  • Continuous power: Online UPSs provide continuous power to the load, even during a power outage. This is because the load is always connected to the battery power. So, an extra power bill is generated even when the power is available, as the power consumption in Online UPS is higher than any other type of UPS.
  • Better power quality: Online UPSs provide better power quality than other types of UPSs. This is because the battery power is filtered and regulated, which helps to protect sensitive equipment from power surges and spikes.
  •  battery life: Online UPSs typically have a lower battery life than other types of UPSs. This is because the battery power is used to power the load during normal operation as well.
  • IOT-based Online UPS: Nowadays, the Online UPS parameters are controlled and monitored through Bluetooth and Wifi-based applications on mobile and computer-based applications.https://suvastika.com/bluetooth-based-online-ups-3p-3p/

Topology : There are two type of technologies used to make the Online UPS one is High Frequency based Triple Conversion technology and other is Isolation transformer based Double Conversion Technology.

These Online UPSs are made for single phase and three phase Input and Output based configuration depending upon the load configuration.

Here are some of the disadvantages of online UPSs:

  • Expensive: Online UPSs are the most expensive type of UPS.
  • Large: Online UPSs are typically larger and heavier than other types of UPSs.
  • More complex: Online UPSs are more complex than other types of UPSs. This can make them more difficult to install and maintain.
  • Battery Life : there is a battery life challenge as a maintenance cost.
  • Back up Time : The back up time is generally 15 min to 30 minutes as the bigger Online UPS require a bigger battery bank so generally Online UPS comes with 15 to 30 minutes back up time only.

If you need the highest level of protection for your sensitive equipment, then an online UPS is the best choice. However, a different type of UPS may be better if you seek a more affordable option.

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