What’s Pure Sinewave in Inverter/UPS


What’s Pure Sinewave in inverter/UPS is very important to understand. This waveform is generated when the inverter/UPS works on the battery mode Pure Sinewave or modified Sinewave, or Squarewave decides the Pure Sinewave inverter/UPS. Any waveform other than Pure Sinewave created is an inferior quality inverter/UPS compared to pure Sinewave inverter/UPS. People try to make fools in the market by taking different names of waveforms like modified, square wave inverter/UPS. All these waveforms will harm the appliances nd create humming noise, especially in fans and motors.

Frequent power cuts can disrupt your work and life. However, you cannot let it happen for long. Therefore, using power backup technologies such as inverter/UPS is becoming widespread to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_inverter

But the right inverter/UPS technology and the power quality you get through them is an important consideration. One of the factors that can impact the quality of power from inverter/UPS is their waveform.

How are pure Sine wave inverters/UPS superior to square wave inverters/UPS?

Traditionally, power backup sources have offered square wave output to power devices without grid power. But inverter/UPS with this waveform provide fluctuating power, which is unsuitable for operating all kinds of devices in the domestic and commercial setup. People also complain about annoying buzzing sounds and overheating of their appliances (refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, etc.) when connected with a square wave inverter/UPS.

On the contrary, pure sine wave technology provides a clean, smooth, and regulated power supply similar to or superior in quality to grid power.

Before looking at the benefits of pure sine wave technology, let’s look at the main difference between pure sine wave vs square wave inverter/UPS.


Differences between pure sine-wave and square-wave technology

Three major differences exist between a pure sine wave and square wave technology.

  1. Inverter/UPS cost
  2. Efficiency in running the connected appliances
  3. Waveform

Inverter/UPS cost

Square wave inverters/UPS are based on older technology and are simpler to manufacture. Pure sine-wave inverters/UPS are based on new technology and have more components; therefore, they are a little expensive.


Square wave technology produces choppy power, whereas the power output of a pure sine wave inverter/UPS mimics the grid-power quality. Therefore, the efficiency of a pure sine wave inverter/UPS to run the appliances is much higher.


A square wave inverter/UPS waveform mimics a square. On the contrary, a pure sine save is a continuous wave with smooth repetitive oscillation.

The one-time cost of a pure sine wave inverter/UPS is indeed higher than other inverters/UPS types, but if you deliberate on its long-term benefits, a pure sine wave inverter/UPS is a much better choice.

Below we describe the benefits of pure sine wave technology and why it is a superior choice over square wave inverter/UPS.


Extended power backup

An inefficient power backup system such as a square wave inverter/UPS increases your electricity bill due to power losses and the need for frequent recharging. Devices plugged into a square wave inverter/UPS run at less than full capacity and use approximately 30% more power.

Conversely, a pure sine wave inverter/UPS minimizes power losses. It efficiently converts stored DC power into AC power for your appliance. As a result, you can use the power backup for an extended time.

Reduces harmonic distortion

Another benefit of using a pure sine-wave inverter/UPS UPS system is that it reduces harmonic distortion by providing clean power to your appliances.

In fact, if your equipment, such as fans, audio amplifiers, etc., are noisy and provide below-par performance, you can optimize their performance and reduce the noises by connecting them to an inverter/UPS with pure sine-wave technology.

If you have a square wave inverter/UPS, get ready to experience annoying buzzing and humming sounds from appliances such as fans, fluorescent lights, etc.

Pure Sinewave picture

Saves sensitive appliances from damage

The changeover is very smooth in the case of pure sine wave technology. The voltage rises from zero and reaches the peak point without any fluctuation. It drops gradually again, instantaneously changes the polarity, and effortlessly crosses the zero voltage level. This smooth rise and fall in the voltage levels do not let anything happen to even the most sensitive appliances. Some appliances, such as laser and motor-driven printers and medical equipment, run properly only with power from a pure sine wave power source.

On the contrary, when you have a square wave inverter/UPS, the voltage fluctuations and the changeover or switching time are dangerously high. Therefore, you can’t save your appliances from malfunctioning.

Better performance

Connecting your appliances with a pure sine wave inverter/UPS helps them display better performance.

The inductive load, such as motors, runs faster and cooler; the microwave oven cooks food more rapidly; fans, fluorescent lights, and LEDs glow brighter; refrigerators, TV, fax, and answering machines do not produce weird electrical noise.

When the devices work faster, they do the job in less time and save energy. Therefore, if you want to receive improved performance and reduce electricity bills, we recommend you buy a pure sine wave inverter/UPS.https://suvastika.com/deciding-between-sinewave-vs-squarewave-sinosidal-inverter-ups/

On the contrary, when your appliances are connected to a square wave inverter/UPS, you may experience the following issue.

  • LED bulbs get fused frequently
  • Smoke comes out from your fans after running for a long time
  • Fire breaks out in your house wiring due to heat generation by unclean power coming from a square wave inverter/UPS
  • Appliances such as oxygen concentrators will not work
  • Refrigerators, washing machines, and other expensive appliances may stop working after working for more than 300 hours on Inverter/UPS on square wave/trapezoidal waveform

Provides high-quality grid-like power

As your appliances run on the AC supply from the grid efficiently, the backup source must also provide the same or better quality power output. Pure sine wave inverter/UPS provides you with high-quality clean power. It helps run your appliances according to the manufacturer’s specifications. But, the same cannot be said for square wave inverters/UPS due to their jerky and less efficient power output.

Quick charging

A pure sine-wave inverter/UPS charges much faster than other types of inverter/UPS. This feature is especially beneficial when you live in an area with more frequent and prolonged power cuts. Also, in the case of commercial use, faster recharge ensures that elevators and lifts always function at their full capacity and that lifesaving equipment in hospitals is always available for patients without interruption.

Extend the life of your appliances.

With pure sine wave technology, your appliances get the right amount of power and do not face sudden changeovers or fluctuations in power supply; they work better and for an extended period.

But if your devices are connected with a square wave inverter/UPS, you cannot prevent your systems from sudden crashes and malfunctions.

So, for anyone using laptops, desktops, and other digital equipment, a square wave inverter/UPS is a death sentence for their expensive machines.


You might have gathered that investing in a pure sine wave inverter/UPS makes more sense, regardless of its higher cost. Unlike a square wave inverter/UPS, it is more efficient and improves the working and lifespan of your appliances.

A square wave inverter/UPS is also less reliable and unsafe for the appliances. So, bringing home a square wave inverter/UPS is never wise, even if the initial low cost entices you. You will ultimately pay more by repairing and replacing burnt and malfunctioning appliances.

A pure sine wave inverter/UPS made by leading manufacturers such as the Su-Vastika guarantees you never experience the annoying harmonics from your appliances. Plus, you always receive clean, stable power that does not harm your delicate devices.

Moreover, Su-Vastika’s heavy-duty pure sine wave inverter/UPS systems are suitable for powering everything—from lights and fans to air conditioners, elevators, and lifts.

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