Why do You Need a Mains MCB in Your Inverter/UPS for bypass load feature

Why do You Need a Mains MCB in Your Inverter/UP for the bypass load feature? The mains MCB (miniature circuit breaker) is built into an inverter/UPS. It is important in bypass mode because it provides an extra layer of protection for the load connected to the inverter/UPS. In bypass mode, the Inverter is not converting AC power from the mains to DC power for the battery but is passing the mains power directly to the Load. This means that the main MCB is the only thing that protects the Load from excessive current or voltage.

The main MCB also helps to protect the Inverter itself from damage. The Inverter will automatically switch to battery mode if the mains power is too high or too low. However, if the main’s Power is outside the safe range for a short period, the main MCB can trip to protect the Inverter.https://suvastika.com/mcb-on-mains-bypass-load-in-inverter-ups/

In addition to protecting the Load and the Inverter, the main MCB can also help to prevent fires. If there is a short circuit in the Load, the mains MCB will trip to prevent the flow of current and the risk of fire.https://www.upssystems.co.uk/knowledge-base/ups-bypasses

The following significant protection is the short circuit of any appliances connected through the UPS, so they will be protected by the MCB provided in the UPS before the MCB of your home trips. So we give you double insurance circuitry. Thus, providing first and extra protection to your appliances. Since the MCB is inbuilt into the Inverter/UPS when the short circuit happens in the house through any socket, the MCB is down before the home MCB goes down, so this is an extra layer of protection for home wiring. So the Load connected through the Inverter will work as additional protection for those appliances which are connected through the Inverter.

This MCB is rated of a certain capacity like 800VA model UPS. We have provided 6Amp MCB so that one can give around 1350Watt bypass load, so if someone tries to use more Load through this, then the MCB will be down even if the mains Power is coming.

In our Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based models of UPSs, we have given the feature that in case the MCB is down, then it gives the audio warning along with the alert, and the user can lift the MCB from the back panel, which is a great advantage to the user as the standard Inverter?UPS has no such provision, and people give one LED which has written Mains Fuse blown, and no one has any idea what is mains fuse.

Therefore, the mains MCB is an important safety feature in an inverter/UPS. Ensuring that the mains MCB is rated for the correct Load and properly installed is important.

Here are some of the benefits of having a mains MCB in an inverter:

  • An extra layer of protection for the Load
  • Protection for the inverter/UPS itself
  • Prevention of fires

If you have an inverter, it is important to make sure that it has a mains MCB built and has the right rating, and according to that rating, one should use the Load at home or office in the bypass mode when the Power is available.





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