The Founding spirit behind Su-vastika

From Su-kam’s Legacy to Su-vastika’s Vision: The Guiding Hand of Kunwer Sachdev

Kunwer Sachdev, synonymous with power backup brilliance in India, isn’t resting on his laurels. After etching Su-kam into the nation’s memory as a household brand, he’s embarked on a new chapter, one brimming with sustainable solutions and the vigor of youth: Su-vastika.

Su-kam: A Footprint of Innovation

Introduction to Mr. Kunwer Sachdev: The Inverter Man of India

Kunwer Sachdev is a renowned Indian entrepreneur, visionary, and innovator, often referred to as the “Inverter Man of India” for his groundbreaking work in the power backup industry. His journey from humble beginnings to the founder of the iconic Su-Kam Power Systems is one marked by determination, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of technological advancements.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Delhi, India, Mr. Sachdev demonstrated a keen interest in technology and problem-solving from a young age. Despite facing financial constraints, he completed his education with a degree in Statistics and a Bachelor of Law. This educational foundation would prove invaluable in his future business endeavours.

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

A small cable TV business ignited Mr. Sachdev’s entrepreneurial spirit. This initial venture taught him valuable lessons about customer needs and market dynamics, fueling his ambition. In 1998, recognizing the immense need for reliable power backup solutions in India, he founded Su-Kam Power Systems.

The Rise of Su-Kam

Under Mr. Sachdev’s leadership, Su-Kam revolutionised the Indian power backup landscape through innovative inverters, UPS systems, and solar products. His focus on quality, affordability, and customer service positioned Su-Kam as a household name and a formidable competitor to international brands. His commitment to research and development led to numerous patents, further solidifying Su-Kam’s position as an industry leader.

Challenges and Resilience

Despite Su-Kam’s remarkable success, Mr. Sachdev faced setbacks that would test his entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, his resilience allowed him to rise again, establishing himself as a mentor for Su-vastika, a solar power backup enterprise founded by his wife. His guidance and expertise continue to shape India’s power solutions sector.


Mr. Kunwer Sachdev’s name is synonymous with the success of India’s homegrown power backup industry. His entrepreneurial journey inspires countless aspiring entrepreneurs. His contributions have been recognized with accolades such as “Solar Man of India” and “India’s Most Respected Entrepreneur”. Mr. Sachdev’s legacy is also evident in his current work as a member of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, where he continues to contribute to the community.

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A New Spark: Su-vastika’s Rise

But life’s journey, like power grids, sometimes demands reconfiguring. While Su-kam’s legacy continued, Kunwer felt the pull of a fresh challenge. Su-vastika became his canvas, a startup driven by the promise of a sustainable future. Armed with his vast experience and industry wisdom, he mentors Su-vastika’s young team, guiding them toward an innovative lithium-based energy storage system. in the earlier role at Su-kam he built the small Inverters UPS batteries for homes and offices now his vision has shifted towards green Lithium batteries and High-Capacity Storage Systems which can remove the big Diesel Generators from the offices, factories and Institutions. His dream is to replace Lead Acid battery in every home and offices where earlier Inverter/UPS are installed with his Retrofit Lithium batteries specially designed for existing products installed in the market.

Beyond Batteries: A Guiding Light

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev is an inspirational force, a beacon of knowledge, and a testament to the power of reinvention. He embodies the spirit of continuous innovation, urging Su-vastika to push boundaries and rewrite energy storage rules. Mr. Kunwer Sachdev has started into the new field of Lithium battery banks and Energy Storage Systems with a Solar focus. Lithium-ion batteries are going to be everywhere in electric vehicles, storage businesses, medical equipment, etc. Now, the power situation in India is becoming better, and the Heavy Diesel Generators are going to be replaced with Lithium Energy Storage Systems, which could be of the size of 1MW or more, for which Mr. Sachdev is working relentlessly with his fresh young team to make it happen.

In the end, Kunwer Sachdev’s journey – from Su-kam’s pioneer to Su-vastika’s guiding light – is a story not just of power but of purpose. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s unwavering pursuit of progress, lighting the way towards brighter, more sustainable renewable energy solutions.

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, along with the young team at Su-vastika, has filed over 60 technology patents in Su-vastika and has already got 15 technology patents in this new company, which is the extra ordinary achievement for any start up to achieve in first 3 years of its inception. The primary focus of Suit-svastika, with Mr. Sachdev’s mentoring, is Lithium batteries for Inverters, UPS, Solar Hybrid Inverters and Energy Storage Systems and a particular focus on Lift Inverters with Lithium batteries. Su-vastika has already developed Lithium batteries for the existing Lithium Inverters, Lithium UPS, Lithium-ion battery based Solar Hybrid Inverters and Solar PCUs, focusing on Lithium-based Solar PCUs and Hybrid Solar Inverters installed in the market. Su-vastika aims to replace the existing Tubular Lead Acid market with clean Lithium batteries. The company has already made Energy Storage Systems to replace diesel generators and earn carbon credits for its clients. Another breakthrough is Lift Inverters/ERD to replace the lifts with the latest ERD technology, which runs the lifts uninterrupted in case of power failures. These lift Inverters can replace diesel generators in multistoried buildings and run on clean Lithium battery energy. Su-vastika is very aggressive on the patents and certifications side, as well as the ISO-9001 certification, BIS Certification, CE certification, etc. 


Mr Kunwer Sachdev, Founder Su-Kam and also known by the names of ‘Inverter Man of India’ and ‘Solar Man of India’ is the mentor of our company Su-vastika

Mr Kunwer Sachdev has won numerous awards for his contributions to the power backup industry and is known for bringing Innovation to Inverter and Power Back up industry.

Here are some of Kunwer Sachdev’s achievements:

  • Founder of Su-Kam Power Systems, one of the leading brands in the power backup market in India.
  • He was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernst & Young in 2011.
  • He is known as the Inverter Man of India and Solar Man of India for his contributions to the power and solar sectors.
  • Mentor of Su-Vastika, a new company developing innovative power storage solutions.
  • Member of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority
  • Businessman of the Year 2012 by CNBC-TV18
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur 2013 by the World Economic Forum

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, who is known as the Inverter man of India, has made a lot of contributions to the power backup industry have been significant. He is credited with inventing the world’s first plastic-body inverter, which has helped to make power backup more affordable and accessible. He has also pioneered the development of solar-powered power backup systems.

Mr. Sachdev revolutionized the power backup market in India. He set up an R&D facility in India, a novel concept in the power backup industry. He brought MOSFET technology, Sinewave technology, Plastic inverter, High-Capacity Inverter/UPS etc. 

Mr. Sachdev’s work has had a positive impact on millions of people around the world. His innovations have helped to improve the reliability of power supply and make it more affordable. He is a role model for entrepreneurs and a champion of clean energy.

Khushboo Sachdev

Khushboo Sachdev


Khushboo holds a Masters in English Literature and a Diploma in French Language. She applied for her first job while pursuing her masters in the field of Learning & Development. It was here she realized that she enjoyed being a Trainer. She has a natural flair for training and has had a lot of experience in the area from training school students, college students and young professionals. She trained students of Sanskriti School, Birla Vidya Mandir, Sharda University.

Kunwer Sachdev

Kunwer Sachdev

Founder Brand Su-kam, Mentor Su-vastika

Kunwer Sachdev started Su-Kam in 1988 with a foray into the cable TV business. After seeing the poor condition of power backup in India, he decided to shift his focus to manufacturing world-class inverters and home UPS for common people. He set up an R&D facility in India, which was a novel concept in the power backup industry, and brought MOSFET technology into inverters, making them smaller and more manageable in size.

Known as the Inverter Man of India and Solar Man of India, it is because of Kunwer Sachdev that Chinese players could never dominate India’s home UPS/inverter market. In 2018, Kunwer Sachdev was forced to leave Su-Kam by the banks when they took the company into NCLT.

After the bankruptcy of Su-Kam, he started mentoring startup – Su-vastika which operates in the power storage sector. This new Government of India-approved export house manufactures LiFePO4 based lithium powered power storage products such as Energy Storage Systems, Emergency Rescue Devices for Lifts and Elevators, PCT Testers, EV lithium batteries, and more.

With Su-vastika, he is working on new lithium-ion battery-based technologies to take power backup sectors into the future, helping the company to obtain 9 patents and filled for over 60 patents.

Due to his contribution to creating solar technologies in India, he has been called the ‘Solar Man of India’ by India Today news magazine. He has been awarded one of ‘India’s Most Respected Entrepreneurs’ by Hurun, a media publishing group. He is also a member of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, a Government agency in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

Vinay Mukhi

Vinay Mukhi

Vinay holds a Post Graduate degree in Marketing
He has spent over 20 years in HR, Sales and Marketing. Vinay has worked in the telecom sector with companies like Airtel, Idea, Tata Teleservices, Nokia and other Staffing Companies.
He enjoys client management and ensures his client is well satisfied with the services.

At Su-vastika he manages entire HR gamut for the organization, he created a team while establishing our business as not only by associates deployed also by the technology used and services offered. Vinay guides his team and makes sure everybody feels comfortable and fully focused on delivery.

He spends his free time with his two toddler girls and enjoys socializing on weekends.

Anchal Kaul

Anchal Kaul


Anchal has a Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and International Trade. She has over 10+ years of experience in Government and Private sector in various domains like exports, imports, institutional sales, and operations.
She has worked both for and with the Government of India, having spent 6 years in Ministry of Commerce wherein she handled import & export of various commodities on behalf of Government of India and dealt with many international clients. But she left her cushioned government job to explore the private sector as she recognised that she could use her potential better here.
She has served Microtek International wherein took challenge and successfully set up Enterprise department, achieving turnover of Rs. 100 Cr+ projects from Government.
Anchal enjoys solving sudoku puzzles along with problems of our customers.