How IoT is going to revolutionize the Inverter/UPS, and Home UPS market

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Revolutionize Solar and Inverter/UPS Technology

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Revolutionize Solar and Inverter/UPS Technology in the Power Storage industry, as this can monitor and control the Inverter/UPS and Solar Inverter/Solar PCU, etc.

Wi-fi-based UPS has brought a revolution that hasn’t been seen in the industry for ages. Indian power storage manufacturer Su-vastika is spearheading this revolution by making Wi-Fi a part of its products.

Now its users can control their UPS simply by their smartphones, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity of Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters.

Why is it such a big deal?

With the UPS, switching takes place without any flicker or noise in the applications, thanks to the advent of Pure Sine Wave Technology, which was first brought to India bMr Kunwer Sachdev (founder of Su-Kam and currently mentoring Su-vastika). With the wi-fit connectivity, users can now check the status of their UPS, whether it’s working on mains or battery mode, without depending on your UPS sounds.

This makes it extremely easy for you to check the status of backup time along with load status, which will be shown on the screen (in wattage) to check the consumption of each appliance.

You can even constantly check the voltage coming to your home or office when the UPS works on the grid or mains mode.

In voltage fluctuations, the UPS will protect the applications by switching on the battery mode, which can be easily viewed to the customer.

You will not only be notified about alerts such as overload or short circuits on your app screen but also get timely recommendations for things you can do to resolve the situation.

The power backup solution Su-vastika provides has Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity (Optional). Our application will monitor your UPS and send regular reports to Su-vastika technicians. In case of any issues, an automatic alert will be sent, and a service call will be made.

Additional features put Su-vastika technology miles ahead of its competition.

Su-svastika UPS  logs each alert as created and permanently stores it on our external server, which can be accessed anytime. Customers also have the option to switch on or off their load, even if they are sitting in another part of the world. 

Su-vastika UPS with Wi-Fi ensures 100% connectivity with a maximum lag of 2 seconds, a big achievement for the industry. This means that even if you’ve forgotten to switch off some of your appliances or lights, the load is automatically shifted to the battery mode. This will give you the time to switch off the lights and appliances remotely and save battery so that you’re not greeted with a dark home due to battery draining. You no longer have to worry about your battery getting discharged, as all conditions related to your battery are monitored constantly and in real-time.

Su-vastika also provides a guide for solar installations, allowing you to properly install your solar generation system and ensure maximum power is achieved through solar panels. Once you’ve approved the positioning of the panel, you will be able to see the real wattage on your phone while installing, thus eliminating the need for any testing equipment during installation.

In cases of low wattage, customers can also see the dust condition and generation in real time and compare this data to previous days. The most exciting part of this unit is that it will allow you to see the sharing of battery charging through the mains, grid, and solar, which is very difficult to achieve with similar devices on the market.

In addition, numerous other features can be controlled through your app, which you can see on your phone screen. In a conventional inverter/UPS, or solar system, it is quite difficult to determine when to run computers or other general loads. This will include UPS mode or a wide UPS mode configuration.

An age-old problem was finally solved.

It is a well-known fact that customers often find it challenging to figure out if their battery has been installed in the correct settings when opting for a smaller battery. This is because most dealer people are not well trained and are bound to make some crucial mistakes during installation, such as putting in the wrong settings.

Su-vastika solves this long-standing issue by putting a battery picture and the capacity on the phone screen, which guides the dealer’s staff. Even end customers can use this guide to make the changes in settings if they feel that something needs to be corrected.

Due to the innovation in this field, Su-vastika has received a patent for “An IoT Based System and Method For Multiple Battery Selection” from the Government of India.

The IoT-based system is set up so the server has charging profiles for all batteries. The new battery manufacturer can add a charging profile, which can be programmed through the iot into the microprocessor of an EV charger, solar charge controller, Inverter, UPS, etc.

When using a solar UPS, the customer must conserve energy by turning off or setting the grid charging mode to a very low level. Now, they might switch on the grid power during the rainy season, when the sun is not visible for 3-4 days or leave the UPS in solar mode.

Since these switches are quite difficult for the average customer to manipulate, most of you might not be familiar with them when using a standard solar UPS. But now, all of these capabilities will be available on the app screen, allowing you to range your settings from the app to save money easily.

Su-vastika even gives you a buzzer feature for inverter/UPS or solar inverter troubles whose noise can be switched off in the app’s settings once the issue has been resolved.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Revolutionize Solar and Inverter/UPS Technology is very evident after going through this article.

As evident, most off-grid UPS/Inverter fails to provide a transparent view of battery charging when the battery is charged through solar or solar plus mains Power. But our app has been designed to keep you aware of key happenings to your inverter/UPS installed at your home or office to give you complete peace of mind.

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