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The Benefits of Replacing Gensets with Lithium-based Battery ESS

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What are The Benefits of Replacing Gensets with Lithium-based Battery ESS? Clean energy solutions are the priority of every Govt, and Su-vastika has always strived to make it happen. Su-vastika is a Government of India-recognized Star Export…

What’s Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy storage systems store energy from difficult to more convenient or economically storable forms. Some technologies provide short-term energy storage, while others can endure much longer. So short time energy storage systems are…

Uninterrupted power with fast switching time in Inverter/UPS

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 What is Uninterrupted Power with fast switching time in Inverter/UPS? Can we uninterruptedly run our computers, TVS Air conditioners etc., on inverter/UPS without resetting or interrupting Power—the seamless transfer of…

Load Percentage: A Key Indicator of an Inverter/UPS Health

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The load percentage in an Inverter/UPS measures how much of the UPS's capacity is currently being used. It is expressed as a percentage, with 0% indicating that the UPS is not being used and 100% indicating that the UPS is…

Inverter/UPS with Low-Voltage Charging: A New Standard for Battery Charging

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Inverter/UPS with Low-Voltage Charging: A New Standard for Battery Charging so that in low voltage areas, the Charging in Inverter/UPS works fine without any external voltage stabilizer. The mains power voltage range for properly charging a…

Soft Start Feature Reduces Inrush Current in Inverter/UPS

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What is Soft Start Feature which Reduces Inrush Current in Inverter/UPS? A soft start feature in an inverter/UPS is a function that gradually increases the voltage and current applied to a load instead of immediately using the total voltage…

Automatic By-pass feature in Inverter/UPS

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What is the Automatic By-pass feature in Inverter/UPS? Our inverters/UPS are built with the Automatic Bypass feature. Its function has been explained with the help of the following illustration:- When people install the Inverters, than…

Su-vastika Inverter/UPS having 50/60Hz Automatic Frequency switching technology.

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Su-vastika have automatic frequency 50/60Hz selection-based UPS/Inverter. An inverter, along with the charger, is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Also, the Charger part charges the battery…
Lithium Battery

The Ultimate Guide to Battery Care Prolonging Battery Life

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Below are a few useful tips to know about how to increase the battery life for Inverter/UPS/Solar PCU. The charger is the primary reason for cycle life as the charger is to charge the battery, and each type of battery needs a different charging…