Su-vastika Inverter/UPS having 50/60Hz Automatic Frequency switching technology.

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Su-vastika have automatic frequency 50/60Hz selection-based UPS/Inverter. An inverter, along with the charger, is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Also, the Charger part charges the battery from the primary Source or main Power having 50 or 60 Hz Frequency. The frequency of AC power varies depending on the country or region. For example, the frequency in North America is 60Hz, while Europe’s is 50Hz. Automatic Frequency 50/60Hz selection-based UPS/Inverter.There are three significant Voltages and Frequency standards being followed in the world 220V/50Hz, 220/60Hz, and 110/60Hz.

So most companies design separate solar Inverters/UPS/solar PCU and Home UPS or Energy Storage Systems/Lift inverters etc., on either 220/50Hz or 220V/60Hz, or 110/60Hz as they have different frequencies in those countries.

A 50/60Hz compatible inverter can operate on 50Hz- and 60Hz power sources, so the Solar Inverter or smart UPS will select the Input Frequency automatically when it detects the Frequency when the Mains power is installed. So these smart UPS will not be switched on unless it detects the Mains/Grid Power. The moment it detects 50 Hz, it will switch the battery mode to 50 Hz automatically, and the moment it detects 60 Hz, it will automatically give 60 Hz as the output on the battery mode.

There are two types of 50/60Hz compatible inverters. Automatic Frequency 50/60Hz selection-based UPS/Inverter.

We at Su-vastika have universal compatibility as far as 50 or 60 Hz frequency is concerned. Please check our models, where these products work on both frequencies automatically. When they sense the frequency in the mains mode, they bypass the same frequency, and when the Power goes automatically, they begin providing Power on the same frequency.

This feature is critical as it helps us send the same model to a few countries with the Power of 220/60 Hz or the nations with an emphasis of 220V/50 hz. The product is standard and can be installed in any country.

So for example

Brazil has two standards, 120/220 and 60 Hz,

Belize 110/220V 60Hz

Cuba 110/220 60Hz

Dominican Republic 120/208 60Hz

South Korea 220V 60hz

Peru 220v 60hz

Philippines 220V 60Hz

Saudi Arabia 230v 60Hz

Tahiti 220v 60hz

Saint kitts and Nevis 230v 60 Hz

Trinidad and Tobago 115/ 230V 60Hz

So if we see the voltages and frequencies, they use 110 and 220 Voltages, and the frequency is 60 Hz. So there are a lot of countries in the world who are using both the voltages and frequency is 60 Hz so the same product of ours can be used and they don’t need to make any changes as the majority in the world is using 220V/50 Hz.

We have a mobile app where one can see the frequency change automatically happening in case of frequency standard changing.

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