Uninterrupted power with fast switching time in Inverter/UPS

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 What is Uninterrupted Power with fast switching time in Inverter/UPS? Can we uninterruptedly run our computers, TVS Air conditioners etc., on inverter/UPS without resetting or interrupting Power—the seamless transfer of…
Bluetooth WIFI App

Smart UPS/Inverter with Bluetooth mobile application

Smart-UPS/Inverter with Bluetooth Mobile application one can control and monitor the Inverter/UPS parameters, which are important for the User to have control of the Inverter/UPS. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are wireless technologies that monitor inverters/UPS/Home…
Ensuring Backup Power: A Guide to Genr and Invert Compatibility

“Ensuring Seamless Backup Power: A Guide to Generator and Inverter Compatibility”

"Ensuring Backup Power: A Guide to Genr and Invert Compatibility" Most people have generators at home and offices and the Generator as a backup. For small power cuts, the Inverter works, and as the power cut is more than…
Su-vastika mobile application for Inverter

UPS and Wide UPS Mode Explained: Inverter-UPS Mode.

Every household or office experiences voltage and frequency fluctuations. For example, when the Voltage goes down, we can see the fan speed going slow, the light going dim, or the water cooler fan speed going slow, called the Low Voltage condition.…

Su-vastika Inverter/UPS having 50/60Hz Automatic Frequency switching technology.

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Su-vastika have automatic frequency 50/60Hz selection-based UPS/Inverter. An inverter, along with the charger, is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Also, the Charger part charges the battery…

IoT based mobile application for Inverter/UPS

 What is IoT based mobile application for Inverter/UPS? At a time when wifi-based Inverter/UPS is innovating the inverter/UPS market, Su-vastika’s Wifi based home solution is giving users the solace of controlling their Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters…