What is the Automatic By-pass feature in Inverter/UPS?

Our inverters/UPS are built with the Automatic Bypass feature. Its function has been explained with the help of the following illustration:-

When people install the Inverters, than is suggested by the qualified electrician to use two sockets outside the Inverter/UPS installation for homes and offices as in case of Inverter fails, then the user can remove the plug of the Inverter and bypass the Inverter by changing the plug. It gives extra cost to the consumer and unnecessarily extra wiring, which doesn’t look nice also.



  • To save you this hassle, the automatic bypass feature of our inverter/UPS allows you to connect your appliances to the mains power supply with just the push of an On/Off switch in the inverter/UPS.
  • If the Inverter fails or malfunctions, then in the case of an emergency, your Mains Power is coming. Inverter is not letting the bypass power, press the front switch, and it will start by passing the mains power, and then you can call the technician to repair the product the next day.
  • In our more significant systems, the bypass switch is provided at the back panel, and one can do it manually and bypass the Inverter.https://www.upssystems.co.uk/knowledge-base/ups-bypasses.



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