What’s Battery Energy Storage System


Battery Energy storage systems store energy from difficult to more convenient or economically storable forms. Some technologies provide short-term energy storage, while others can endure much longer. So short time energy storage systems are becoming popular in the world. The energy is stored through the grid, Solar and Wind or any other renewable energy source, and in the rechargeable Lithium battery bank, ultra-capacitor, flow battery etc, for use when required. Energy storage has become important to reduce the power bill in case of Peak time usage, reduce the energy cost, or use it in case of blackouts://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_storage


Battery Energy Storage System

Lift Inverter/ERD with lithium Battery.

The Energy Storage in lead Acid batteries has not been easy because of Lead Acid battery inherent problems.

These energy Storage Systems are called battery Energy Storage Solutions because the energy is stored in the batteries. In India, there are still areas where power cuts are a common scenario, and Diesel Generators are being used for running all kinds of commercial, residential, Factories, hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Hotels etc., on these diesel generators, which is a big pollution concern for society.The Diesel Generators can be replaced with the Battery Energy Storage Systems as this is a clean and green energy. In Delhi, NCR Diesel generators are banned by the NGT. However, implementing this order has not been possible for the last three years, and everyone is looking for an alternative green solution. Battery Energy Storage Solutions can be a powerful alternative green solution, and many companies in India are developing these technologies indigenously. Su-vastika is one such company to bring in these Battery ESS and has been working on technological innovation in this field. The price of battery Energy Storage Sytems in India is very competitive compared to the developed world.https://suvastika.com/why-does-replacing-generators-with-lifepo4-based-lithium-ion-technology-make-sense/

30KVA Battery ESS with 20KW Lithium battery bank.

30KVA Battery ESS with 20KW Lithium battery bank.

Su-vastika has developed the Battery ESS with the Lithium battery bank and has started installing these systems in various pockets. The journey has been quite a learning experience, and we are continuously developing the technology which shall work in an Indian environment where a lot of dust, humidity and heating is all around. We initially used this technology in lift Inverters and realized that this could also be replicated in other bigger storage projects. We made Lift Inverters/ERD 4 years back and kept improving the technology in the storage industry. Now we are ready with our Battery Energy Storage Systems for as big as 500 KVA single load capacity. We have realized with our experience that Lead Acid batteries, like tubular or Gel batteries, are tough to maintain as they are cumbersome, and balancing the cells is impossible. The life cycle is another issue when used in bigger battery banks with multiple batteries. People have been working on flow batteries for the last two decades. Still, I have not seen much commercial use compare to Lithium battery which has become the acceptable commercial usage battery across the fields. The battery Energy Storage Systems Prices are also dropping over a while. Mr. kunwer Sachdev, the inverter man of India, is behind the brain of Battery Energy Storage Systems due to his vast experience in Storage and renewable industry.

We have developed battery ESS having a Lithium LifePO4-based cell and have designed the BMS for Indian conditions where the cell equalization remains below 10mv Equalization. Our ultimate goal is to increase the battery life so that the battery should last for more than ten years. These systems can be run on solar energy by installing solar panels and a solar charge controller.

Lithium Battery Bank with BMS Power Analyzer attached for testing

Lithium Battery Bank with BMS Power Analyzer attached for testing

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  1. […] Due to his effort, India has finally been introduced to a battery Energy Storage System or BESS. The energy from the electric grid or any other renewable energy source is stored in these rechargeable battery systems, which release when needed. The  Energy Storage System, or BESS, developed by Su-vastika, is a rechargeable battery system that stores energy from the electric grid or any renewable energy source and returns that energy when needed. The primary component of an ESS is a LiFePO4-based Lithium-ion battery.https://suvastika.com/whats-battery-energy-storage-system/ […]

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