Hybrid Solar Inverter Off Grid and On Grid: The Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Solar Inverter Off Grid and On Grid: The Best of Both Worlds


Hybrid Solar Inverter Off Grid and On Grid: The Best of Both Worlds

Electricity is a necessary part of a decent life. but it cannot reach everywhere. Residents in remote areas face significant difficulties in obtaining this valuable energy. Often, there is no access to the grid. Sometimes, the power supply from the grid is not enough. Solar inverters are very useful devices. They overcome power shortages. These devices convert the DC output of solar panels to usable AC. There are three types of solar inverters. 

On-grid: On-grid solar inverters are connected to your home and the grid. They use solar panels to power your home appliances. In the event that solar energy is insufficient, they switch back to grid power. The on-grid solar system is suitable for industrial consumers.

Off-grid: Off-grid solar inverters function alone. They are not connected to the grid. Off-grid solar inverters have higher efficiency than on-grid ones. These are best suited for areas that have no access to the grid. The off-grid solar system is suitable for homes and offices.

Hybrid: Hybrid solar inverters combine the characteristics of on-grid and off-grid solar inverters. These are intelligent inverters that can work in different modes. Hybrid solar inverters can store excess solar energy in a battery system for self-use. This is the most convenient type of solar system.

Su-vastika is one of the top solar power generation companies in India. This company manufactures high-tech on-grid and hybrid inverters. Su-vastika has a line of hybrid solar inverters named Solar Hybrid UPS. The Su-vastika hybrid solar system gives you full control over electric power. These inverters work alone. They are also connected to the grid in case of an emergency.

Do you need a solar inverter? Here are some reasons why the Su-vastika Hybrid Solar Inverter is the smartest choice for you:

Hybrid Solar Inverter Off Grid and On Grid: The Best of Both Worlds

High energy storage: Brainy Plus can charge batteries from solar sources. They can also do the same with grid power. These inverters have a high energy capacity.

Intelligence: Brainy Plus has artificial intelligence. It always gives priority to solar power. When solar power is not enough, it uses grid power.

Multi-mode operation: Su-vastika Hybrid solar inverters can operate in 4 different modes.  

In-built solar charge controller: This inverter has an in-built solar charge controller. So you don’t have to add any. It regulates the voltage and current from your solar roof. Thus, it charges the batteries reasonably when it is sunny. When there is no sunlight, it shifts to grid supply.

Prioritized charging: Solar Hybrid UPS  prioritises solar power over a grid or DG power. Suppose the battery needs 20 A to charge. But the solar panel is giving 15A. In this case, the inverter will take only 5 A from the grid to charge the battery.

Higher charging efficiency: Using solar mode to charge batteries ensures 98% charging efficiency.

Prolonged battery life: 98% charging efficiency enhances battery life by 6 months.

Powerful solar charger: This inverter has a 30/40 Amp PWM charge controller. The current rating of the charger is 30A/40. This powerful solar charger can run a load and charge batteries simultaneously. The charger is excellent at multitasking!

Smart control: A 4th generation microprocessor is the heart of Brainy Plus. It assures proper charging of the battery. It also assures the least usage of grid power.

Automatic Temperature Compensation: The ATC technology adjusts battery charging to climate change. Hybrid Solar PCU can work in rough weather conditions. It has an ambient sensor with an antenna. Brainy Plus has advanced automatic temperature compensation (ATC) built into the microprocessor. It senses the temperature around it and then makes intelligent adjustments. ATC increases battery life by up to 30%.

Adaptive performance: In summer, the temperature is high. The battery is charged at a lower voltage for the same power backup performance. This saves you some extra money. This feature also saves the battery from overheating, water loss, and damage. Similarly, in winter, the temperature is lower. The battery is charged to a higher voltage. Thus, it makes sure you get the required amount of power backup. This makes Brainy Plus a perfect choice for any climate, anywhere in the world.

Six-stage charging: Most inverters linearly charge the battery. Charging at a constant rate deteriorates battery health. Ideally, 80% of a battery should be fast-charged. The rest of the 20% should be charged slowly to avoid overheating and loss of water topping. Solar hybrid UPS charges its battery in six different stages. That is how it ensures the greatest efficiency. Thanks to its Generation Four microprocessor.

Pure sine wave technology: Many inverters give a square wave output. It is not healthy for your appliances. They need a sine wave and provide your appliances a smooth, continuous sine-wave power output.

Backup battery selection: Every battery can accept a maximum allowed charging speed. Charging the batteries faster than their healthy limits reduces the battery’s life. That results in more maintenance costs, so we have designed the settings in the Solar hybrid UPS by which you can reduce the Charging current of the Grid.

Battery Selection Switch: This is an innovative feature of Brainy Plus. It lets you select the battery type you have installed. Thus, it can control and optimize the charging speed to keep your battery healthy. This makes Brainy Plus compatible with different sizes of batteries.

Charges at low voltage: Typically, batteries need a 130-volt input to charge themselves. This is not always available all over the world. Regions with frequent power cuts and low grid voltages may result in poor or no charging. Brainy Plus is equipped with advanced circuitry. With as little as 90 V input, it can charge the battery.

Safe discharge: With long-term usage, a battery’s life gets reduced. It happens to every battery after multiple charge-discharge cycles. Brainy Plus can beat this problem too. It doesn’t let the battery get fully discharged. Thus, it extends battery life.

Soft start: Traditional inverters allow a sudden inrush of current. This current can be harmful to your appliances. Brainy Plus goes for a cushioned start-up. It gradually increases the voltage. This prevents mechanical and electrical shocks to sensitive and costly appliances.

Generator compatibility: You need your home power generators when the local grid fails. Ordinary inverters are incompatible with such AC generators because of their high fluctuations, and can adapt to them. It pairs up perfectly with domestic generators.

Smart AVR: Frequent voltage and frequency fluctuations in households are very common. When the voltage supply goes below a certain level, fans become slow. Bulb lights start dimming; tube lights blink fast. This is called a low-voltage supply. Also, there are occasions when the voltage increases. Sometimes when we switch the bulb on, it goes off and gets fused because it cannot withstand a high-voltage spike.

Brainy Plus has Smart Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). When the voltage on the mains supply fluctuates, Brainy Plus switches to battery power. Thus, it ensures a safe power supply to all your home appliances.

Overload capacity: A sudden high-voltage spike may occur at any time. Your home’s MCB might not be able to protect your appliances, but Brainy Plus will. It will quickly switch from the mains to the battery. Solar hybrid UPS can take up to 2.5x times its load capacity, supporting your home during a high voltage spike. It then reminds you to turn off the extra appliances. thanks to its user-friendly LED panel.

Advanced protection: Short circuit is a common problem. Every household has an MCB or main fuse to prevent this. However, these can be slow. Sometimes they are not enough to protect your appliances from damage. This adds a smart layer of protection to your appliances. 

Snap switch: You have to start a traditional inverter manually. This means your appliances will go off until you start your inverter. This is exceptional. It automatically detects a power cut or voltage fluctuation. It switches to its power backup mode in milliseconds. So you and your appliances won’t even know there was a power cut. Your computer, wifi, etc., can run uninterrupted. because nobody likes to stop.

Automatic bypass: Suppose your home UPS has a technical error. It is unable to switch your home load back to the main supply. It is in the middle of a summer night. No electrician can come until the next morning. It will be a horrible experience, right? This is common with many UPSes or inverters. In Solar hybrid UPS this is different With a button, you can restore power to your main supply. It’s very easy.

Hybrid Solar Inverter Off Grid and On Grid: The Best of Both Worlds

Purchasing a Solar Hybrid UPS is more advantageous than others.

There is no need for an additional solar charge controller.

  • No voltage stabilizer
  • No need to change the battery as frequently.
  • No fear of a high electricity bill

This inverter has an easy user interface. Su-vastika Solar has made many YouTube videos on their inverters. Those give proper guidelines about the installation. The company has ISO 9001 and BSI 9001-certified products. They have a strong engineering team. They will provide world-class after-sales service.

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