What is Hybrid Solar PCU/Solar Hybrid Off-grid System


A hybrid solar PCU system is a type of solar power system. That combines the benefits of off-grid solar Systems and has Grid Power also available alongside. It uses a hybrid solar inverter. That can charge the batteries through the solar panels and the grid power. And sharing of charging to the batteries is done through the hybrid solar off-grid or Hybrid solar Off-grid System. This hybrid system allows to use solar power to charge the battery. And in case the solar power is not sufficient to charge the battery. then take the rest of the power from the grid, which is called charge sharing in the hybrid system. https://www.google.com/search?q=Solar%20PCU%20working%20principle



charge sharing in the hybrid system with Solar and Grid

charge sharing in the hybrid system with Solar and Grid

Solar Hybrid PCU Mains & Solar Available

Solar Hybrid PCU Mains & Solar Available

Solar panels off-grid hybrid system

Solar panels off-grid hybrid system

Once the battery is charged and solar power is available, it switches the power to Solar mode, which works on Solar power.

In this Solar Power condition, there are two main conditions which will happen:

One where the load is less than the solar power. In this condition, the load will be running on the solar, and batteries are also being charged through the solar power.

If the load is more than the solar power, then the load will take control from the solar and battery bank to run the load.

Once the battery is discharged to a certain fixed voltage, it will again connect to the Grid mode, where it is being charged through the solar and grid modes. This feature allows energy saving on the electricity bill.

PCU condition when there is Mains Available but Solar PCU is Working on Solar Mode

PCU condition when there is Mains Available but Solar PCU is Working on Solar Mode

When there is no solar power and the Solar hybrid PCU is working on mains(grid) mode, then the Solar hybrid PCU will bypass mains(grid) to flow directly to the Load and use mains(grid) to charge the battery.

It will charge the batteries through the grid if solar is unavailable.

Solar Hybrid PCU solar not available

In case of grid failure, this system will work on solar and battery mode when solar is available.

If solar is unavailable, it will work on the battery mode like any ordinary inverter works

Solar Hybrid PCU mains not available

This off-grid has a lot of settings which is dependent on the user.

One can do the Solar Charging settings only where the batteries will not be charged through the Grid power.

The charging current from the grid has settings which can help the user to choose the lower current for charging the batteries in conjunction with Solar Power.

The re-connection Voltage in the case of Solar Mode, there are three battery voltages at which the battery will start charging through the Grid power.

Hybrid solar PCU systems are a good option for homeowners who want the benefits of off-grid solar and battery as a power source. They can provide you with reliable power, even during power outages.

Here is a basic guide to hybrid solar PCU systems:

Choose the right inverter. The inverter is the heart of any solar power system and is crucial for hybrid systems. The inverter you choose should be compatible with your solar panels, battery storage system, and grid power.

Size the system correctly. You need to size your hybrid solar system to meet your energy needs. This includes considering the size of your home, the number of people living there, and your energy usage habits.

Sizing of the solar Panel and battery capacity is critical consideration while installing the hybrid solar PCU or Hybrid Solar Off grid system as it depends on the battery sizing and power for which we have taken examples for different capacities of system sizing and battery sizing.

Install the system properly. A qualified electrician should install a hybrid solar PCU system. This will ensure that the system is safe and efficient.

Online Monitoring and control through the IOT-based system is also critical as all the settings of the Hybrid Solar PCU or Hybrid Solar Off grid system are complicated to do through switches etc., and easy to do through the mobile app and can be easily monitored through the mobile application through the Bluetooth or WiFi based systems.

Hybrid solar PCU systems are a great way to save money on your electricity bill and reduce your reliance on the grid. A hybrid system is a good option if you are considering a solar power system.https://suvastika.com/hybrid-solar-inverters-can-you-combine-off-grid-and-on-grid-solar-inverters-an-indian-start-up-shows-how/

Here are some additional benefits of hybrid solar PCU systems:

Hybrid solar PCU systems can provide you with backup power during power outages and increase the backup time in case solar is present and the grid is unavailable.

They can help you save money on your electricity bill.

Environmental benefits: Solar hybrid systems help to reduce your carbon footprint. This is because they do not produce any emissions when they are operating.

If you want to learn more about Hybrid solar PCU systems, I recommend reading my next blog on this site. The description in the next blog can help you assess your needs and design the right Solar Hybrid Off-grid System.


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