Inverter/UPS Computer based Testing Tool

An inverter/UPS computer-based automatic software testing tool can be used with our AI-based Inverter/UPS range of products. This can only be used with Su-svastika-made Pure Sinewave UPS with ATC, Lithium-based battery Energy Storage Systems, Lift Inverter/ERD and Heave Duty UPS range. can measure a variety of parameters, such as:

  • Output voltage and current at the battery mode.
  • Input Voltage and Output Frequency: On the Mains mode and the battery mode.
  • THD (total harmonic distortion): At the battery mode.
  • Overload message, Short circuit message at the battery mode.
  • MCB down in case of Overload and short circuit at Mains Mode.
  • Battery percentage mode at the charging mode
  • The load percentage and battery voltage at battery mode.
  • Charging time
  • Load Wattage
  • Runtime on battery
  • Ambient time
  • Digital Warranty
  • Model details
  • System Status
  • battery type
  • Low battery voltage settings
  • Low battery message
  • Buzzer On/Off

Software testing tool for inverter/UPS

The testing tool can be used to identify any problems with the inverter or UPS, such as:

  • Low output voltage
  • High current draw
  • Low efficiency
  • High THD
  • Overloading
  • Low battery voltage
  • Slow charging
  • Short runtime on battery

The testing tool can also be used to verify the performance of the inverter or UPS, such as:

  • Making sure it can output the required voltage and current
  • Checking its efficiency
  • Ensuring it has low THD
  • Overloading it to test its capacity
  • Checking the battery voltage and capacity
  • Measuring the charging time
  • Testing the runtime on battery

There are two main types of inverter/UPS testing tools:

If you are looking to buy an inverter/UPS testing tool, it is important to consider the following factors:

Written by Kunwer Sachdev

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