First AI-based Inverter/UPS made in India. An artificial Intelligence based inverter or UPS is an inverter or UPS that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its performance. Artificial intelligence can be used to do things like:


  • Improve reliability. AI can monitor the inverter or UPS for potential problems on the computer screen, and the proprietary software developed by Su-vastika can tune the parameters of the Inverter/UPS through this software and take corrective action before they cause an outage. This can help to improve the uptime of critical systems.
  • Extend lifespan. AI can monitor the inverter or UPS’s wear and tear and adjust its settings to extend its lifespan. This can save money on replacement costs.

  • Digital Warranty: This digital warranty has been introduced by Su-vastika in its product range and can be monitored through this software.
  • The option of Lithium battery settings: A setting can be done through the computer software to make it Lithium compatible UPS/Inverter.
  • can monitor all the alerts through this software
  • Onsite repair and testing: Because of this computer-based software, our engineer can do the repairs onsite and calibrate the parameters on the site; once you can see the parameters on this screen where model details, Output Voltage, Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Output Frequency, Battery Voltage Battery Charging Current, Battery Discharging current Ambient temperature Boost Voltage Battery Low cut etc. parameters can be seen on the screen.
  • Settings like Low battery cut-off can be changed through this software: This computer-based proprietary software has the option of many settings and can program the Low Cut-off battery voltage per the user’s requirement.
  • Battery capacity setting parameter: This software can also select the battery sizing. Hence, some want to install the smaller battery for a smaller backup, or some users want more backup time so that one can choose the battery size through this software.
  • The software Upgrade: as the AI-based Inverter/UPS will be improved over time, so need to upgrade the software, which can be done remotely through the computer-based software.
  • Provide better user experience. AI can make the inverter or UPS more user-friendly by providing insights into its performance and offering recommendations for improving it.
  • Patent: Su-vastika has already applied two technology  patents in this area.

The first AI-based Inverter/UPS made in India by Su-vastika is a proud moment for India as this will increase the exports from India.

Overall, AI inverters and UPSs offer several benefits over traditional inverters and UPSs, including improved efficiency, reliability, extended lifespan, and a better choice

written by Kunwer Sachdev