Solar PCU: The Future of Home Power with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mobile application

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Solar PCU: The Future of Home Power with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mobile application. A Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is a type of power conversion system that is used in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to convert the DC (Direct Current) electricity generated by the solar panels into AC (Alternating Current) electricity that can be used to power appliances and devices.

The Solar PCU/solar hybrid inverter acts as an interface between the solar panels, the battery bank, and the electrical grid (if applicable) to ensure that the electricity generated by the solar panels is used efficiently and effectively.

Solar PCU or solar hybrid inverter typically includes vital components like a charge controller, an inverter, a battery bank, and other protection and control circuits. The charge controller optimises the battery’s charging profile and maximises the solar panels’ power output. The inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity that appliances and devices can use.

The battery bank stores the excess solar energy generated during the day. It provides power when the solar panels are not generating enough electricity, such as at night or during periods of low sunlight. The other protection and control circuits offer additional safety features, such as over-voltage and over-current protection, and allow for remote monitoring and control of the Solar PCU/hybrid inverter system.

When the battery is stored entirely and solar is available, the inverter portion of the PCU is activated automatically, and the grid power is not used then. All the load at that time works on solar energy and battery power. It has a feature where the battery voltage is pre-set at a limit where the inverter will function even if the grid power is available. It ultimately uses solar energy and saves on the power bill. Solar energy is not being wasted at all.

In summary, a Solar Hybrid PCU/Solar hybrid inverter is an essential component of a solar PV system, as it helps ensure that the solar panels’ electricity is used efficiently and effectively.

 Ensuring the solar PV system is reliable, safe, and optimised for maximum output power is critical.

The Solar Hybrid PCU has life and reliability depending on the battery and solar panels’ life. Hence, the battery becomes the critical area as the solar panel has a life of 25 years. Tubular batteries have a life of 2 to 3 years, and the charging time is 15 to 18 hours which consumes the solar during the day timing if the power doesn’t fail. So lithium battery is the best solution as the Lithium battery can be charged in 2 to 3 hours, and a bigger charge controller can be used. The life of a Lithium battery can be four times of a Tubular battery, and the cost-wise Lithium battery will be cheaper than a Tubular lead Acid battery.

We have the Digital warranty built into the solar hybrid PCU as the user doesn’t need to keep the warranty card, and this warranty works as a pay-per-use concept. If the user does”t use the product for any reason, then the warranty will stop and only work when using the product.

Another important feature is that our Solar hybrid PCU can be monitored and controlled through the mobile Application working through the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongle, which is an extra add-on feature.

The Solar Hybrid has so many features and settings that it isn’t easy to use without the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi mobile application.

Solar PCUs can be used in various applications where solar power is utilised. Here are some examples:

  1. Residential and commercial solar power systems: Solar PCUs are used in solar power systems to convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that can be used to power homes and businesses
  2. Solar-powered street lighting: Solar PCUs can power streetlights powered by standard solar panels for the LED street light, which is already working on the AC system. As the solar street light is a failure project where the panel and battery are installed on the electricity pole, washing the panel and battery exposed to direct heat doesn’t make the solar street light reliable. The PCU with battery bank and solar panels is installed centrally in the centralised solar street light set-up. The AC is taken out to connect all the street panels. The grid solar and battery power can share the power. If solar is not available for ten days, the power can be drawn through the grid or battery power, and the centralised system is mounted on the ground, which can be easily maintained.
  3. Telecommunications equipment: Solar PCUs can power telecommunications equipment in remote areas where access to the power grid is limited or non-existent.
  4. Remote monitoring systems: Solar PCUs are commonly used to power remote monitoring systems such as weather stations, environmental sensors, and security cameras.
  5. Off-grid power systems: Solar PCUs are used in off-grid power systems to store the excess power generated by the solar panels in batteries for later use. The PCU regulates the power flow from the solar panels to the batteries and from the batteries to the load.
  6. Solar-powered electric vehicles: Solar PCUs can be used to charge the batteries of electric cars powered by solar panels.

Overall, solar PCUs are versatile devices used in various solar power applications.




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