Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

Su-svastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

Adding Value to Your Home: The Importance of Lift Inverters or Lift UPS installed at South Delhi Home.

Case Study: Installation of a 10kVA Lift Inverter at B1/40 Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi, Pin: 110029

Client: Mr. Ravi Khanna


This south Delhi house has installed the Lift Inverter as whenever there was a power failure, the family was stuck in the lift for a brief period, and it was a nightmare for the person traveling in the lift. Once they learned that Su-vastika was making lift inverters, they contacted us and installed the lift in their home at Safdarjung Enclave. After installing the lift Inverter, they feel safe and comfortable and don’t experience any power cuts. The house’s owner, Mr. Ravi Khanna, is delighted with the functioning of the lift inverter.

Su-vastika has launched Lift Inverters, which come with built-in Lithium batteries in a single cabinet. This saves space and looks very elegant. No Maintenance is required, and the unit can be kept

Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

What is a Lift Inverter or Lift UPS

Why Residential Lifts Are Gaining Popularity

  • Aging Population: As people age, mobility can become an issue. A home lift provides an invaluable way for older people to maintain independence and quickly access all levels of their homes.
  • Accessibility for Everyone: Lifts aren’t just for older people—they benefit anyone with mobility challenges, temporary or permanent.
  • Convenience: Even without mobility restrictions, residential lifts make carrying groceries, laundry, or other heavy items between floors a breeze.
  • Increased Home Value: A lift is a significant investment that can add to your home’s resale value.
  • Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

The Critical Role of Lift Inverters

  • Uninterrupted Operation during Power Failures: The most significant advantage of a lift inverter is that it prevents people from being trapped in an elevator during an outage. This is especially important for safety and minimizing anxiety for older people, children, or those with mobility difficulties.
  • Smooth and Reliable Operation: Lift inverters provide seamless backup power, ensuring the elevator functions without jerks or jolts, and enhancing the overall user experience.

Why Su-vastika is a Leader in Lift Inverters

Su-svastika understands the unique needs of the residential lift market and offers advantages like:

Lithium Battery Lift Inverters: Su-vastika is the first company in the world to introduce Lithium-ion battery-based Lift Inverters, which increase the life of the battery to 10 plus years, and the space is saved as the space in homes is very limited and keeping ten batteries along with the lift inverter is challenging to maintain. At Su-vastika, we have a single unit with a built-in Lithium battery, which hardly takes up any space in the home.

  • Patent: Su-vastika was the first company to get technology patents in India for Lift Inverters, and having technology Patents in India shows a company’s technical strength.
  • Safety: first company to certify BIS certification for its Lift Inverters in India. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimized for lower power consumption, reducing energy bills.
  • Wi-Fi-based Monitoring: These lift Inverters/ERD are monitored online by a dedicated server application made by Su-vastika and customer can also monitor the functioning of the lift Inverter on their mobile phone or computer through the dedicated mobile application made by Su-vastika.
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Installing a built-in lithium battery-based lift inverter takes just 1 hour, and the user can use the lift during the installation.
  • Maintenance: After the installation of Su-vastika Lift Inverters, the breakdown of lifts is reduced to 70% as the significant challenge of lifts is power breakdowns.


  • Enhanced Passenger Safety: During power outages, the Lift Inverter or ERD system with lift ensures the elevator remains operational, allowing for safe passenger rescue if needed.
  • Improved Building Efficiency: Uninterrupted elevator operation during outages minimizes disruptions for residents and building occupants.
  • Peace of Mind: Building management and residents can be assured of a functional elevator even in case of power cuts.
  • Passenger Safety: Ensures elevator operation for rescues during power outages.

Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi

Su-vastika AI-Based Lift Inverter installed at South Delhi


  • Provides backup power to an elevator during a power grid failure.
  • Maintains elevator operation to rescue trapped passengers and prevent them from getting stuck between floors.


  • Battery Bank: Stores energy to power the elevator in case of a power cut. Lithium-ion batteries are gaining popularity due to their efficiency and lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.
  • Inverter: This converts the stored DC (direct current) battery power into AC (alternating current) usable by the elevator motor.
  • Charger: Maintains the battery bank by recharging it when the main power supply is restored.
  • Control Panel: Monitors the system’s operation, including battery health, power output, and potential faults.

Conclusion: Adding Value to Your Home: The critical lift inverters installed at the South Delhi home have been a great value addition to the house.

Installing a 10kVA lift Inverter/ERD system with a lift offers a reliable solution for uninterrupted elevator operation during power outages. This case study demonstrates how such a system prioritizes passenger safety and convenience while enhancing building efficiency and peace of mind.

The 10KVA lift inverter/ERD system likely provides backup power to the lift in case of a power outage from the primary grid. In case of low and high Voltages from the grid, the lift Inverter switches to UPS mode and saves the lift from damage from High and Low voltages. This ensures the continued operation of the lift, preventing inconvenience for residents.

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