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How to Optimize the Charging Time for a 150Ah Tubular Lead Acid Battery

Improving the Charging Time for a 150Ah Tubular Lead Acid Battery
The charging time for your Tubular Lead Acid battery with an Indian inverter depends on several factors:

  • Inverter’s charging current: Inverters have a specific charging current rating. For example, most Indian manufacturers keep 12 Amp to 15 Amp charging current in their Inverters/UPS for home and office use. However, it’s essential to consult your inverter’s manual for its specific charging current. The charging current defines the timing of the battery charging as the higher the charging current, the faster the battery will charge.
  • Battery condition: A new or discharged battery will take longer to charge than a partially discharged battery in good health.
  • Inverter settings: Some inverters allow you to adjust the charging profile, which can affect charging time. In Su-vastika, we have Pure Sinewave UPS with ATC, which has charging profile settings through the mobile application. In this case, the user can select the charging current according to the battery size he wants to install.

Improving the Charging Time for a 150Ah Tubular Lead Acid Battery

Here’s a general idea:

The 3-Stage Charger: Most Inverters have a 3-stage charging system: Boost, Absorption, Float, and Trickle Charger.

In the Boost Charge stage, the battery is charged quickly. For example, if the manufacturer has set a 15-amp charging current, 80% of the battery will be charged with this current, after which the Absorption stage kicks in, which reduces the charging current from 15 Amps to 2 to 3Amp charging current and the rest, 20% battery will be charged very slowly with a 2—to 3-amp charging current in the Float stage. This charging is prolonged, takes 4 to 5 hours, and makes the battery 100% charged.
The third stage is trickle charge, which is charging the battery after a small time interval to keep the battery 100% charged after the battery has been charged.

If the battery is empty, the Boost stage will take almost 8 hours, and the Float stage will take another 5 hours, around 13 hours, if the charging current of 15 amps is set in the Inverter.

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Improving the Charging Time for a 150Ah Tubular Lead Acid Battery

Fast Charger: At Su-vastika, we have created fast charging models with a charging current of 25 amps rather than 15 amps and a Floating stage reduced to 10% of the battery capacity. These models can charge the 150 Ah battery entirely in 7 hours. The 200 Ah battery can be charged in 9 hours, whereas a regular Inverter charger takes 16 hours to charge the 200 Ah Tubular Lead-Acid battery.

Tips for optimal charging:

  • Refer to your inverter’s manual for specific charging recommendations.
  • Avoid deep discharging the battery for a better lifespan.
  • In case of extended power cuts, avoid running high-wattage appliances to extend backup time.

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