Uninterrupted power with fast switching time in Inverter/UPS

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 What is Uninterrupted Power with fast switching time in Inverter/UPS? Can we uninterruptedly run our computers, TVS Air conditioners etc., on inverter/UPS without resetting or interrupting Power—the seamless transfer of…

Soft Start Feature Reduces Inrush Current in Inverter/UPS

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What is Soft Start Feature which Reduces Inrush Current in Inverter/UPS? A soft start feature in an inverter/UPS is a function that gradually increases the voltage and current applied to a load instead of immediately using the total voltage…
Diesel Generator vs. ESS which solution is best in today's climate?

Diesel Generator vs. Battery Energy Storage System

Diesel Generator vs Battery Energy Storage Systems is an important comparison to do. You can see diesel sets everywhere, whether you visit shopping centres, residential communities, or office buildings, especially in underdeveloped and emerging…

Deciding between Sinewave vs. Square wave/Sinusoidal Inverter/UPS

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Deciding between Sinewave vs Square-wave/Sinosidal Inverter/UPS is the user's choice, and here in this blog, we explain these waveforms in Inverter/UPS. "Would you like to purchase a square wave inverter/UPS or a sine wave inverter/UPS?" This…
Energy Storage System

Why does replacing generators with LiFePO4-based Battery.

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Why can replacing generators with LiFePO4-based Batteries bring the pollution created by Diesel Generators? Power outages are common, particularly in developing countries such as India. Frequent power outages can disrupt normal household and…
Diesel Generator Pollution

What factors make Diesel generators unsuitable for people and businesses?

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What factors make Diesel generators unsuitable for people & Office? Generators have previously been used as a backup energy source in workplaces and homes. However, their use has recently declined significantly. UPS/inverters have already…