What is Heavy Duty UPS?

What is Heavy Duty UPS and How Does It Work? 125 KVA Battery Energy Storage System

What is a Heavy Duty UPS?

The Heavy Duty UPS is an Uninterrupted Power Supply with the same function as a Pure Sinewave UPS. But this is made for heavy loads like Lifts, CNC Machines, Centrally Air conditioning System, running a complete factory or School or Mall. It gives Pure Sinewave when the power fails and has a built-in isolation transformer to protect from spikes, surges, etc. It can run the whole building, factory, commercial complex, and residential building and provide backup to the devices that carry higher current and run them without interruption. The diesel generator can be replaced with the heavy-duty UPS as it can provide longer backup by adding a heavy-duty battery bank.

Three Phase Heavy Duty UPS waveform

Three Phase Heavy Duty UPS waveform

    • Specialization: These UPS systems are designed to handle more significant, demanding electrical loads compared to standard UPS systems. They are often used with machinery and medical equipment or during frequent power outages. These UPS can run any load, such as inductive, capacitive, resistive, or mixed loads, which makes them different from online UPS systems.
    • Power: They provide higher power output, like 10 KVA onwards, and come in 3-phase Input and 3-phase production. Heavy loads like lifts and big motors run on a 3-phase system rather than a single-phase system. They’re connected to support power-hungry devices.
    • Resilience: Built with more robust components to withstand harsher conditions and demanding usage patterns.
    • Capacity: Equipped to support larger battery banks, extending backup time during power outages.
    • Heavy Duty Charger: Heavy Duty UPS has a bigger charger to charge the more extensive battery bank so that the load can run for a long backup time. Long backup time is essential when the Diesel Generator set can be replaced with the Heavy-duty UPS range.
  • High-capacity inverter Vs Heavy Duty UPS
  • The High-Capacity Inverters lag in transfer time; when the power cut happens, the High-Capacity Inverter takes time to switch on the load, and there is a power breakage. Whereas the Heavy Duty UPS has no such switching time, it works uninterruptedly, and machines and equipment keep functioning without any break. Even computers and other IT loads function without interruption, which is a significant difference. Otherwise, the high-capacity inverters also have a charger, which can differ from the heavy-duty UPS.

Key Features

  • Isolation transformers: Heavy Duty UPS has a built-in isolation transformer, which takes care of the isolation of equipment connected through the Heavy Duty UPS.
  • DSP-based design: Digital Signal Processor-based design that takes care of PWM generation and Pure Sinewave generation with the lowest THD.
  • LCD Display: Su-vastika designed the base LCD screen, and from 50 KVA onward, we have a 7-inch Touch screen with higher resolution for the customer’s ease of operation.
  • IOT IOT-based Monitoring: The latest range of Heavy Duty UPS by the Su-vastika has the IOT built-in module to remotely monitor Heavy Duty UPS through the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GSM modules.
  • Lithium battery compatibility: The latest Heavy Duty UPS made by Su-vastika has Lithium-ion battery compatibility along with the Lead Acid battery type Tubular, SMF and Gel battery.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty UPS Systems

  • Equipment safety: Protect expensive and sensitive equipment from power surges, brownouts, and blackouts. The spike surge safety, input filters, and isolation transformer help achieve the same on the mains mode.
  • Minimized downtime: Keep critical systems running during power failures, saving money and preventing data loss.
  • Any critical machinery gets problems when the power outages happen as the machinery stops and starts again when the power is back. That is where the sensitive machinery breakdowns happen the most. Also, they go wrong when the Sensitive machinery runs on the Diesel generators. So, Heavy Duty UPS is the solution for such situations.
  • Equipment longevity: It gives a Pure Sinewave Waveform with a THD of less than 5%, which is what clean power equipment gets in case of power failure.


  • Industrial settings: Powering manufacturing machinery, CNC machines, Lifts & Elevators, X-ray machines, VRV Air conditioner system and other heavy equipment.
  • Medical facilities: Supporting life-critical equipment where power outages are intolerable.
  • Server rooms and data centres: Ensuring critical IT infrastructure remains operational.
  • Homes and offices (in power instability areas): Protecting a wide range of equipment and providing longer backup during frequent outages.

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