What is Retrofit Lithium-ion battery?

Golf cart with retrofit lithium batteries

A retrofit lithium battery is a lithium-ion battery specifically designed to replace an existing lead-acid battery in a particular application. They are becoming increasingly popular due to several advantages over lead-acid batteries; these retrofit Lithium-ion batteries are being used in Inverters, UPS, Online UPS, E rickshaws, Golf carts, Lift Inverters, Lift Automatic Rescue devices etc. https://suvastika.com/can-we-install-lithium-ion-battery-with-existing-inverters/

Backup chart comparison between Tubular lead Acid and lithium-ion battery

Backup chart comparison between Tubular lead Acid and lithium-ion battery

These Lithium-ion batteries are designed for unique products, and BMS (Battery Management System) is designed accordingly so that the existing products available in the market can have the exact replacement for Lead Acid batteries.

  • Lighter weight: Lithium-ion batteries are significantly lighter than lead-acid batteries of the same capacity. This can be a significant benefit in applications where weight is a concern, such as portable electronics, electric vehicles, E-Rickshaws, Solar Hybrid installations, etc.
  • Capacity: The Lithium-ion batteries come in C1 capacity whereas the Lead Acid batteries comes in C2o capacity, which makes the most significant difference between these two battery chemistries and the capacity Lithium batteries can give higher backup compared to the Lead Acid battery. So, we have made a comparative chart for your reference in the case of Inverters and UPS.
  • Pollution: lead acid batteries are one of the major causes of pollution installed in homes and offices as they emit Lead fumes which are harmful for human consumption. The Lithium-ion battery for Inverter are sealed batteries and do not emit any fumes or pollution.
  • Easy Installation: Forget complex modifications! This retrofit battery fits right into your existing system, allowing any dealer to install it effortlessly.
  • Intelligent BMS: Say goodbye to confusing indicator lights and incompatible displays. Su-vastika’s advanced Battery Management System (BMS) takes complete control, optimizing charging and maximizing the lifespan of your lithium battery. As it has the complete control of the Lithium -ion battery for overload of discharge and charge current and shortcut etc. So, no need to look at the LEDs of Inverter/UPS.
  • Longer Life: Enjoy up to 3 times the lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries, meaning fewer replacements and more savings in the long run. The Tubular Lead Acid battery life is 2-3 years whereas the Lithium-ion battery is 7 to 10 years.
  • Lightweight Design: Ditch the heavy lifting! Su-vastika’s lithium-ion battery for inverter weighs significantly less than its lead-acid counterpart, making installation and handling a breeze. The Tubular Lead Acid battery of 150Ah is 62 Kgs whereas equivalent lithium-ion battery is 80 Ah of 12.8V and the weight of which is less than 10Kgs.
  • Safety: The Lithium battery comes with the Anderson connector which is changed in the Inverter/UPS side which is for the safety of people working around or children at home so accidently nothing goes wrong whereas the Lead Acid battery has open terminals having metal and can get short for any small mistake and Lead acid battery can explode. Because if this reason people need trolley to keep the battery in safer zone which is not required in Su-vastika’s Retrofit Lithium-ion battery for Inverter.

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    It is the first company in India which has solved the problem of controlling pollution by providing power backup solution. great project


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