12.8 KW Lithium Battery Versus Diesel Generator: A Technical Showdown

12.8 KW Lithium Battery Versus Diesel Generator:

12.8 KW Lithium Battery Versus Diesel Generator:

Battery Energy Storage Systems, which consist of Lithium batteries as a backup solution and comparison of Diesel Generators, is a new area of study. As Diesel Generators and other problems are polluting the Environment associated with the storage of Diesel, Vibrations, maintenance, noise Level and cost of running need to be discussed in this article. As the cost of Lithium batteries is coming down each year and the cost of Diesel is going up every year, the parity of both technologies is coming closer. Lithium batteries can be charged through solar, wind and grid in the BESS, and the cost of Electricity is much lower than the Diesel per unit cost for the Generator. So, we will compare the Capital cost of both products alongside the running cost and benefits of each product here.https://suvastika.com/difference-of-diesel-generator-and-lithium-inverter-for-home-use/

With the 12.8KW Lithium battery bank, one can easily install a 20KVA or 30 KVA Battery Energy Storage System. Here, the backup time will depend on the load variations. As the Load in a home office or commercial establishment varies accordingly, the Diesel generator’s running and BESS’s running costs are important to calculate.

So, let us compare the 20 KVA generator costs in India and the BESS costs to compare these two technologies.

Sure. Here is a comparison between a 12.8 KW Lithium battery and a Diesel Generator:

Feature 12.8 KW Lithium Battery Diesel Generator
Fuel Type Electricity Diesel
Initial Cost Rs 7-8 per unit Rs 25-30/unit
Maintenance Cost zero Rs 2-5 per unit
Lifespan 7 – 10 years for the battery, and Lithium Inverter life is 25 years Ten years
size very compact can be kept inside the size is very big and can be kept outside only
Environmental Impact No impact High

Ultimately, your best choice will depend on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a quiet, clean, and low-maintenance option, a 12.8 KW Lithium battery may be a good choice. However, a diesel generator may be a better option if you are on a tight budget or need a generator that can be used in areas with frequent power outages.

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