Review of Battery Inverter/UPS

The parameters we can review for Battery Inverter/UPS are described here. A battery inverter/UPS device provides backup power during a power outage. It converts DC battery power to AC power, which runs essential appliances and electronics. Battery inverters/UPSs come in a variety of sizes and capacities. So you can choose one that is right for your needs.

1. Pure Sinewave

The power output of a Pure sine wave Battery inverter/UPS by Su-vastika is better than the grid-power quality. Therefore, the efficiency of a pure sine wave inverter/UPS to run the appliances is much higher. It extends power backup, reduces harmonic distortion, saves sensitive appliances from damage, and provides much better performance.

Pure Sinewave form

2. Bi-directional Technology with Isolation transformer

A bi-directional technology is a technology that allows for two-way charging due to its ability of two-way conversion—from AC to DC and from DC to AC. Bi-directional technology uses the same PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) based MOSFET (metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor) circuit to charge and discharge the Battery in the presence of an electricity supply from the grid. It pulls the AC power from the grid and converts it into DC to charge UPS/inverter batteries. When the power supply from the grid disconnects, It takes DC power from the Battery and transforms it into AC using the same circuit earlier used for charging.

As a standard practice, having the right power solutions to power your domestic appliances or perform industrial operations is essential. In this regard, a UPS/inverter with an Isolation transformer is gaining huge popularity due to its ability to provide efficient, high-quality, and safe power solutions under imperfect power situations. However, we can further improve the working of a UPS/inverter system by embedding it with an isolation transformer. Here is why it is essential to have UPS with Isolation Transformer.

3. Charger size depending on the battery size

The Battery Size Selection settings parameter is also a unique feature which the user can use to select the battery size while installing the Pure Sinewave UPS. This feature allows the user to choose the smaller Battery in case he requires less backup time or can install a bigger battery in case his requirement is for a longer backup time. In the case of installing the Lithium battery, the same feature can be used to charge the lithium battery with a small or fast charger.

4. Lithium battery compatibility

All our Pure Sinewave UPS Battery Inverter/UPS has the settings to use the Lithium battery, which will help the user to choose between a Lithium battery and a Lead acid tubular battery or SMF battery. So the user is not forced to install only a heavy 65 KG Tubular battery. The user can set the setting himself through the mobile application. Another important setting in the Bluetooth UPS is choosing the battery size or, when selecting the Lithium battery, how fast you can charge it; as it’s a known fact that we can charge a Lithium battery in 2 hours, so this setting works for charging the lithium battery slowly or fast by increasing the charging current.

5. Switch over time or transfer time

At Su-vastika, when the Power comes back. Our switching time remains 1 to 3 milliseconds as we change the Load at zero crossing. This is the main reason for our low switching time and the durability of our product range. The switching time of a UPS is typically specified in the product documentation. It is essential to choose a UPS with a switching time that is short enough to meet the needs of the connected equipment.

changeover Mains to the Inverter

6. Technology patent

Technology patents are essential in solar off-grid. Battery Inverter Heavy Duty UPS Lift Inverter Lift UPS Energy Storage System lithium batteries. Because they protect the intellectual property of inventors and companies, it helps export because people don’t want any legal cases against them for installing products which don’t have technology patents. This allows them to recoup research and development costs and prevent others from copying their technology. Patents can also help attract investment and boost innovation in these fields.
In India, the importance of technology patents is growing as Govt of India gives a lot of sops and support to increase the practice of filing technology patents. China filed the highest number of technology patents in the world and followed by the USA., which shows the strength of any country in the field of technology. Read more for a review of Su-vastika patents.


7. IOT Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-based technology

At a time when wifi-based UPS is innovating the inverter/UPS and home UPS market. Su-vastika’s Wifi-based home solution allows users to control their Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters with their smartphone. This marks one of the first occurrences since the advent of Pure Sine Wave Technology. They are first bought by Mr Kunwer Sachdev, enables users to finally check the status of their UPS using the wifi connectivity on their smartphone. Su-vastika UPS is a significant accomplishment for the sector as it guarantees 100% connectivity with a maximum lag of 2 seconds. This means the Load is immediately switched to the battery mode even if you neglected to turn off some of your appliances or lights.

This will also allow you to remotely turn off the lights and appliances and conserve battery life so you are not met with a dark house because the Battery has run out. The Government of India has granted Su-vastika a patent for “An IoT Based System and Method For Multiple Battery Selection” due to its invention in this industry.

8. Digital warranty

Su-vastika brings in a Digital warranty for Inverters, a remarkable, revolutionary, and mindful innovation by Su-vastika Systems. Su-vastika’s Digital warranty is available in the inverters/UPS, Online UPS—solar PCU, ERD and ESS etc.

The warranty will start only when Inverter is connected to Battery. And when the Battery is disconnected from Inverter, the warranty stops. This addresses one of the common concerns with traditional warranty models. With this approach, the warranty remains valid as long as the Inverter is actively in use, regardless of the reason for its temporary disconnection. Such as the Inverter or Battery not working or the owner being away on vacation.

Su-vastika Digital warranty provides consumers and dealers/ Distributors complete peace of mind.  The price of the Battery Inverter is lower than the competitor’s as the warranty starts when the user uses the product and it stops when the user is not using the product.

Digital Warranty

Written By Mr. Kunwer Sachdev Founder Su-kam, Mentor Su-vastika

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