Review Of Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD

Let us Review Of Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD and see The parameters on which we can review the Lift Inverter described here. What are the parameters for choosing the right Lift inverter/Lift UPS/ERD? Generally, people try to use Online UPS for lifts which is not the right technology made for lifts as Online UPS has its other challenges.

1. Pure Sinewave waveform. This waveform will be made when the Lift Inverter/ERD works on the battery mode as the Electricity we get from the Electricity department gives Pure Sinewave output.

2. Bi-directional Technology with Isolation Transformer: When we review the Lift inverter/Lift UPS/ERD, this is one of the major features to look for as the Bi-Directional technology is very stable and required to run the lift backups.

3. Charger size depending on the battery size: The Lift Inverter/ERD needs a charger according to the battery bank sizing or the backup time requirements. So if someone needs 1 or 10 hours of backup, the charger size has to go up to charge the bigger battery bank. So the Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/EERD should be able to adjust the Charger size as per the backup time requirement.

4. Lithium battery compatibility: Nowadays, most backups are running on the Lithium battery to charge them faster. The battery’s life compared to a Lead Acid tubular or SMF battery is 4 to 5 times. The Lithium battery is one-sixth of the size of the Lead Acid battery, making it perfect for the Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD installations, as space is always a constraint in the lift room.

5. Switch over time or transfer time comes as a very major factor in deciding the Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD as it has to work without any interruption, so uninterrupted Power should be supplied by the Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD so that the user does not come to know of power failure at all.

6. Technology patent: Any company having a Technology patent in the Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERd is to be given preference as it shows the technology innovation done by that company in Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD area and they have the expertise.

7. IOT Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-based technology: This is the first time Su-vastika has introduced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based mobile applications to monitor the Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD.

8. Digital Warranty: The Lift inverter/Lift UPS/ERD has a digital warranty, the first of its kind introduced by Su-vastika.

A review of Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD clearly shows the advantages Su-vastika has built in their Lift Inverter/Lift UPS/ERD are very different from the other products available for Lift backups.

Article written by Kunwer Sachdev

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