What is AI-Based Solar PCU

What is AI-Based Solar PCU and How Does it Work?

A solar PCU (Power conditioning unit) system is a type of solar power system that combines the benefits of off-grid solar systems and also has grid power available. So this system charges the battery through the Solar as well grid, which is called a Charge sharing System, and bypasses the power through the Solar System when the grid is available and provides the power to the load when the power is not available or provides the ability to the bag through the Solar Panels and battery when the Grid power is available but shift the power to the Solar and battery mode to save the electricity bill of the user.

These systems are required where no grid is available or where there are unreliable and intermittent power cuts. As a grid is available, this system is also called a hybrid solar off-grid system or Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) https://suvastika.com/what-is-hybrid-solar-pcu-solar-hybrid-off-grid-system/

What is AI-Based Solar PCU

Solar panels installed at the farm

Here’s a breakdown of how a solar PCU works:

  1. Solar panels are installed to generate DC power.
  2. The DC electricity flows to the solar charge controller within the PCU. The charge controller regulates the charging current to prevent the batteries from overcharging and maximize lifespan.
  3. The regulated DC then charges the batteries, which store the solar energy for later use.
  4. When you need electricity, the inverter in the PCU converts the stored DC battery power into usable alternating current (AC) electricity to power your home or office appliances.
  5. If there’s insufficient sun power or no solar power available, the home or office’s load runs on battery power automatically in case of a grid power failure.
  6. When solar power is available, the battery is ultimately charged, and the grid is available. The Solar PCU switches the grid off and runs the Load on the Solar and battery power to save the user’s electricity bill.

What is AI-Based Solar PCU

Solar PCUs prioritize using solar energy to power your home and charge the batteries. Grid power is used to run the load until the solar battery is charged, after which the system works on the solar and battery power and again lets the battery charge through the solar panels. The process continues. This helps you maximize your self-reliance on solar power and reduce your electricity bill.

What is AI-Based Solar PCU | hybrid solar off-grid system

Hybrid solar PV system

Here are some of the benefits of using a solar PCU:

  • Increased self-reliance on solar power: Solar PCUs prioritize solar energy, reducing your dependence on the grid, and this increases the backup power in case of power cuts in the daytime when solar power is available.
  • Reduced electricity bills: More solar energy can significantly lower electricity costs.
  • Backup power: It increases a user’s backup time as the battery has limited power to supply. In case of a power cut happening in the daytime, the solar power, along with the battery power, increases the time to run the load many times, depending upon the solar panel power installed.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Solar PCUs optimize solar energy and batteries.

What is AI-Based Solar PCU

Overall, a solar PCU is a versatile and efficient solution for managing your solar power system. If you’re considering installing solar panels at home, a solar PCU is an excellent option to ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.

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