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Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika’s 1.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU

Su-svastika’s 1.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU with Lithium battery wall mount system Efficient Solar Power with Su-svastika’s 1.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU Introducing the Su-svastika AI-based 1.5KVA Solar MPPT PCU with 1200 Wh Lithium-ion Battery Upgrade your solar system with this innovative, space-saving wall-mounted solar solution from Su-vastika. Key Advantages Intelligent Solar Energy Management: Our Su-svastika AI-based […]

Deadly Shocks: Why Inverter Safety Standards Matter

  https://navbharattimes.indiatimes.com/state/uttar-pradesh/ghaziabad/restaurant-operator-dies-after-turning-inverter/articleshow/59975873.cms In this Navbharat Times news the man dies of an electric shock while cleaning the Inverter which is not highlighted anywhere, and people feel that these things don’t matter. Here in this blog, I want to highlight such kind of incidents happening in India where people are dying or getting injured by getting […]

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Deciding between Sinewave vs. Square wave/Sinusoidal Inverter/UPS

Deciding between Sinewave vs Square-wave/Sinosidal Inverter/UPS is the user’s choice, and here in this blog, we explain these waveforms in Inverter/UPS. “Would you like to purchase a square wave inverter/UPS or a sine wave inverter/UPS?” This may be one of the most frequent inquiries you encounter while trying to buy a power converter. So what […]