Automatic By-pass feature in Inverter/UPS

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What is the Automatic By-pass feature in Inverter/UPS? Our inverters/UPS are built with the Automatic Bypass feature. Its function has been explained with the help of the following illustration:- When people install the Inverters, than…

Su-vastika Inverter/UPS having 50/60Hz Automatic Frequency switching technology.

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Su-vastika have automatic frequency 50/60Hz selection-based UPS/Inverter. An inverter, along with the charger, is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Also, the Charger part charges the battery…

Su-vastika Earns Star Export house certificate

Su-vastika Earns a Star Export house certificate from the Govt. of India in the field of Inverters, UPS, Solar Inverters, Lift inverters, Solar hybrid PCU, Lift Inverters, Lithium batteries and Energy Storage systems exports. The Directorate…
Lithium Battery

The Ultimate Guide to Battery Care Prolonging Battery Life

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Below are a few useful tips to know about how to increase the battery life for Inverter/UPS/Solar PCU. The charger is the primary reason for cycle life as the charger is to charge the battery, and each type of battery needs a different charging…

Importance of MCB in Inverter/UPS

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Importance of MCB in Inverter/UPS; An MCB, or miniature circuit breaker, is an electrical safety device that protects electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits. MCBs are often used with inverters and UPSs to provide additional protection…

The Benefits of Replacing Gensets with Lithium-based Battery ESS

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What are The Benefits of Replacing Gensets with Lithium-based Battery ESS? Clean energy solutions are the priority of every Govt, and Su-vastika has always strived to make it happen. Su-vastika is a Government of India-recognised Star Export…

IoT based mobile application for Inverter/UPS

 What is IoT based mobile application for Inverter/UPS? At a time when wifi-based Inverter/UPS is innovating the inverter/UPS market, Su-vastika’s Wifi based home solution is giving users the solace of controlling their Su-vastika’s UPS/Inverters…
ATS for PCB Testing: A Revolutionary Software By Su-vastika To Check TP Points Of PCB

Automatic Functional PCB Tester by Su-vastika

What is Automatic Functional PCB Tester by Su-vastika? Most people experience a fearful heartbeat skip when "test" is mentioned. Taking an exam has a daunting quality that appears to have been ingrained in us since our first days of elementary…
How IoT is going to revolutionize the Inverter/UPS, and Home UPS market

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Revolutionize Solar and Inverter/UPS Technology

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Revolutionize Solar and Inverter/UPS Technology in the Power Storage industry, as this can monitor and control the Inverter/UPS and Solar Inverter/Solar PCU, etc. Wi-fi-based UPS has brought a revolution that hasn't been…